Mini Metro Game

Play a simple, fun, and addictive subway design mini-game in your browser or download to your computer

Sending this one out to all my friends who say how much they hate MARTA and they can do a better job, etc. is the simple and addictive Mini Metro

UPDATE: A up-to-date walkthrough and strategy guide for Mini Metro can be found here [via University Blogspot]

This is how I’ve been wasting a bunch of my time lately, the in-browser or downloadable game Mini Metro, which challenges you to build a functional and efficient subway system.

Simple, addictive, and coming to iOS soon.

Play Mini Metro

Help get Mini Metro added to Steam

Archie Pelago Interactive

Archie Pelago presents their new single ‘Saturn V’ as an immersive experience viewable as a standalone application on both PC and Mac, as well as a browser-based version.

Similar to their unique marriage of acoustic and electronic music, the guys over at Archie Pelago are taking promos and previews to their latest release “Lakeside Obelisk.”

The crew has brought the single Saturn V into the realm of interactivity with an immersive experience viewable as a standalone application on both PC and Mac, as well as a browser-based version.

Read the complete Saturn V write-up here on Archie Pelago’s blog.

Consider for a moment, the idea that there is a perfect place for everything.  An idealized, meticulously detailed and personally crafted hideaway, the galactic tree-house of your memory’s past, present and future.  Beyond the classic limits and boundaries of time and space, there can be a fully realized place born in the minds of their dreamers.

Enter Saturn V, a digital vestibule filled sound, sight and our favorite earthly pleasures.  Please, join us.

Color Judgement Test

See how well you judge colors in a game from Method of Action, a site aiming to teach the fundamentals of good design to programmers

Color Game (Method of Action)Method of Action is an upcoming website promising “Design For Programmers.” A concept I am familiar with; having an understanding of technology but no background in design.

Often this makes it difficult to develop good design on my own simply because I have no fundamental knowledge of the underlying concepts. Admittedly, this site’s design is not unique — I aim to focus on content, and only essential ‘bells-and-whistles’ that benefit the site’s usability.

Have some fun and check out some of the games on the company’s website as they prepare for launch, they offer three examples to teach about Kerning, Text Shape/Bézier, and Color.

FYI: I scored 3.8 based on the following scoring break-down:
Hue: 8, Saturation: 7, Complementary: 4, Analogous: 0, Ternary: 2, Quaternary: 2