Texas BBQ Tour

ATL Legend’s 48-hour, 700-mile, 9 restaurant Texas BBQ tour, a recollection of a weekend trip published by Atlanta blog EatItAtlata

Nine stops, 48 hours, and a whole lot of animal flesh.

Here is an enjoyable recollection of a Texas BBQ trip recently completed by a long-time friend of mine known simply as The Legend. The article, published earlier this week on the EatItAtlata website, is not for the faint of heart or those with any aversion to eating cow.

Overall a great trip was had (approx 700 miles in the car….), some disappointments (I’m looking at you Lockhart, Texas) and some high points (Snow’s, beef rib at Louie Mueller, burnt ends at Pecan Lodge, and sausage at La Barbecue).

Hopefully the Carolinas are next……

Texas BBQ Tour by The Legend

Editors Note: I fully understand some might take issue to me using a pork photo as the banner of an article on Texas BBQ, but let’s be honest, that pork belly looks delicious.