Andy Baio on Yahoo ('A Patent Lie')

Recounting my sentiments in an earlier post on dangerous software trademark law, Andy Baio contributed this editorial to Wired on Yahoo’s recent litigation against Facebook.

Software patents should be abolished, plain and simple. Software is already covered by copyright, making patent protection unnecessary.

Ask any programmer — developing software is as creative and unique as writing poetry.

A Patent Lie: How Yahoo Weaponized My Work (Andy Baio) [via Wired]

The Dangers of Patent Law

Intellectual Ventures owns a huge portfolio of patents. Quite possibly they also have some sort of patent that covers streaming music over the internet. Intellectual Ventures makes money through a sort of protection racket that helps Spotify defend themselves against companies like PacketVideo. For a considerable fee, a company can access Intellectual Venture’s storehouse of patents and use them defensively against companies claiming patent infringement. [Source]

An interesting read in the online version of The Economist regarding the hazards of patent law and it’s effect of stifling economic growth in the United States. Patents make sense to cover actually concrete concepts, and while I am for intellectual property rights for artists, IP law is getting out of hand. “Patents Against Prosperity” [via The Economist]

Much more information, and an intriguing video from Haiti regarding a similar issue available beneath the fold.

Editor’s Note
I have also decided to share a new article via eWeek citing similar issues beginning to affect the mobile phone industry showing similar issues affecting that sector’s development as well.

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SomaFM OS X App Free for Limited Time

Longtime Internet radio mainstay SomaFM have recently launched a native player to the Mac OS X App Store, while they do also maintain an iOS app, as well as Android and Palm devices, this app is designed for streaming from the computers running the desktop flavor Mac OS X.

Grab it in the next day or two to catch it while it is still a free download, put on some Groove Salad, and float the afternoon away.

Download the Mac OS X native SomaFM Player [via App Store]

SomaFM [ Website | Facebook | Twitter ]