DC: Dining, and Disco

Jaleo, Shake Shack, Nando’s, Scuba, U Street Music Hall – my brief attempt at a solo vacation

After a busy week following my return from Washington, DC I finally had the time to put together this post, highlighting some finer points of the day trip – including dinner at José Andrés Jaleo

What started ostensibly as a trip to reconnect with Kozee and see Scuba DJ at U Street Music Hall, spiraled into a hedonistic food exploration as bad weather and a series of events led me to making the trip solo.

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RA.Exchage 114 – Scuba

Resident Advisor sits down with HotFlush honcho Paul Rose (Scuba/SCB) for their latest installment of their Exchange series.

Exchange, focuses on the words of artists profiled on Resident Advisor, putting the music on the back-burner momentarily. With a reputation as one of the more diverse, and well-spoken electronic music stalwarts, this promises to be an interesting listen at the very least.

RA.Exchange 114 – Scuba

Scuba – NE1BUTU (SCB Edit / Video)

NE1BUTU, off Scuba’s latest full-length Personality getting attention as HotFlush prepares an SCB edit of the and an official video for the original mix

NE1BUTU, the single off Scuba‘s latest full-length Personality is getting some well-deserved attention as HotFlush prepares to release an SCB edit of the track and additionally releasing a video for the original mix.

SCB Podcast for CLR

Paul Rose revisits his SCB moniker for this week’s Chris Liebing’s curated CLR podcast series.

SCB - CLR Podcast #168Paul Rose revisits his SCB moniker for this week’s Chris Liebing’s curated CLR podcast series.

Originally the SCB project was conceived as an antidote to the characteristic broken beats of the Scuba sound, as was shown on the first SCB release, a remix of Scuba’s own Hard Boiled taken from the album A Mutual Antipathy in 2008.[*]

Full tracklist and download information beneath the fold.

Stream and Download CLR Podcast #168 – SCB

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Broodlings Live DJ Set

Go back and listen to the highlight of this month’s HUNGER event at 529 by downloading and listening to this set from Embassy Recordings duo Broodlings – complete tracklist available

Broodlings (Hunger V)A crew you have probably been sleeping on, Atlanta duo and Embassy Recordings artists Broodlings stepped out on one of their first live performances at the monthly Hunger music event at Atlanta’s 529.

Undeniably the set of the evening (respect to everybody else who played), the two worked through classic 140 bpm favorites including oft overlooked DMZ and Scuba material before ramping it up into some ridiculous footwork blends that had the crowd entranced.

Check beneath the fold for the stream / download info, and the tracklisting!

Broodlings [ Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Hood Rat Stuff EP | Percussion Lab Mix ]

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Whistla – Dubstep Classics Vol. 1 Mix

A nice mix uploaded today from Whistla, the man behind Sub.FM, which has been the home to Distal and I hosting Late Nite Tip, for over a year.

At the behest of many, Whistla takes a short respite from the swivel vibe to put together an essential collection of classics of deeper and darker tunes well fitted to the colder weather and shorter days ahead. Full tracklist beneath the fold, but be sure to pick this one up. Really, he plays ‘Plate,’ that’s all you need to know. If I was going to put together a ‘best of’ set, this is pretty close; ‘Plate,’ ‘Nomad,’ ‘1st Dynasty’ were all tunes I fell in love with when I first discovered the genre. If you appreciate real dubstep, you will appreciate this. If you are one of these Johnny Come-Lately’s to the dubstep scene, well… here is some culture for you. Know your roots.

Whistla has this one up on Mixcloud recorded strictly off vinyl and recorded in 320, presenting these tunes in the quality the deserve to be heard in. Big up to Whistla and all the Sub.FM DJs and fans supporting a good thing.

Whistla – Dubstep Classics Vol. 1 Mix [via Mixcloud]

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Late Nite Tip (7-Aug) Download + Tracklist

Back again with the first Late Nite Tip broadcast for August, this time joined in the studio by our longtime friend Captain Crunk. Good Sunday vibes leads to some furious tagging for the last 30-45 minutes of the show.

Full track listing is available beneath the fold.

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Compound One : Podcast Vol. 2

Another installment from Compound One to their podcast series, previously featured here – this time including some stellar tracks from good friends Subreachers as well as other excellent selections. Choice cuts from Compound One once again.

Also be sure to check out their latest release out now digitally and on vinyl, Pum Pum Beat / Back Off – finally putting an end to the long respite between Compound One releases, which while few and far between are always worth picking up.

Full tracklist for the mix beneath the fold.

Download Compound One : Podcast Vol. 2

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Scuba Jungle Set Available for Streaming

Scuba on a rare mix of jungle tunes recorded live at the Sub:Stance 2 Year Party at legendary club Berghain, available for streaming courtesy of Samurai.FM

The crew over at Samurai.FM have posted over a streamable version of Scuba‘s jungle set from the 2 year Sub:Stance birthday event at Berghain in July. I will spare you all the biographical details on Scuba as he remains one of the most revisited artists featured on this site.

Thanks to the Samurai.FM crew for making this available, be sure to click over to their site to read more

SCB – Hard Boiled VIP / 28_5 (SCB002)

As reported a few days ago, Paul Rose returns to his SCB moniker for an upcoming HotFlush release later this month. I have been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to preview this one a little more in depth than I was able to just using the Soundcloud teasers the label has posted. While I absolutely enjoy the freshness and more uplifting sounds HotFlush has shown on recent releases, most notably George Fitzgerald, and Sepalcure, I am finding more and more my passions still lie in the darker and deeper realms of electronic music.

Having seen it’s original release on Scuba’s first full-length “A Mutual Antipathy,” the A Side of this release is a VIP Mix of Scuba’s “Hard Boiled.” True to the stage previously set by other SCB projects, the SCB-released VIP remix takes the tune on a dark but noticeably noisy path, noticeably distinguishing it from its original and ‘SCB Edit‘ counterparts.

“28_5” carries the flip side of the release. Deep bass combine with very detail oriented percussion that with subtle acid roots suggested. Echoing vocal cuts swirl channel-to-channel and assorted noisier elements combine creating a rousing build before the tune scales itself back, and rebuilds itself creating the sense of a fervent change in pace, despite the steady pulsing beat.

No disappointments here as HotFlush Recordings continues it’s exploration of cerebral eletronic music, without being painfully self-referencing or pretentious. SCB001 and the mnml ssgs SCB mix definitely set the stage for my understanding of what SCB is, and given the releases I hear, I am excited about where it is headed. Once again, SCB/Scuba showcasing his prowess for combining the choice aspects of many of electronic music’s current fractaclizations.

SCB002 is scheduled for release 8-Nov 2010

SCB002 Preview on Soundcloud

For those who missed it, or don’t hound Soundcloud heavily, HotFlush has made available a preview of the latest release coming from Paul Rose’s techno minded SCB moniker. The release will feature a VIP remix of “Hard Boiled” which sounds absolutely mental in the preview, as well as the B-side “28_5,” a much harder tune with a driving bassline and mysterious panning vocal cuts. Hats off to Paul/SCB for continually pushing the dancefloor possibilities of experimental techno sounds.

A release date of 8-Nov has been given for SCB002.


Scuba in Atlanta recap, and new abouts site updates for icnt.mx

First off, thanks to IonPhoto for the new layout here, hopefully an easier way to present all the information on here. Secondly, my apologies for the lack of updates lately — I was hoping to be posting while out and about in the mountains taking photographs this weekend but unfortunately I was unable to make the trip at this time and am taking some time to catch up on things here in town. I got to catch an excellent DJ set from Scuba on Thursday thanks to the Atlanta Dubstep and King Plow Events crew, so hooray for that I know I missed Wayback Wednesday for this week, more reviews are coming soon. Until then I leave you with the following:

Scuba – Three Sided Shape / Latch Remix (TRI002)

Scuba expounds on this years ‘Triangulation’ release with a forthcoming 12″ on his own HotFlush label.

Side A of the release is ‘Three Sided Shape,’ originally released as the third track of ‘Triangulation.’ A deeply melodic tune featuring a slowly sweeping atmosphere over filtered drums before dropping into hefty and ringed-out kick that marks what is easily one of my favorite drops of the year. Marked with dense vocal layers and panning rhythmic effects. As to be expected by anything coming from Scuba’s studio, ‘Three Sided Shape’ pays strict attention to detail creating a tune that is deep both for the soundsystem and the psyché alike.

The flip side of the release sees a remix of ‘Latch’, the preceding tune to ‘Three Sided Shape’ on the ‘Triangulation’ release. Scuba has tapped the efforts of Aus Music label head Will Saul, and house/techno producer Mike Monday who describes his sound as ‘a bit like Prince getting drunk with Mr Scruff in Royksopps house.’ While devoid of Prince’s trademark blistering guitar speed, Saul and Monday combine to give ‘Latch’ a fresh rework, preserving the smooth pads that marked the selection’s ambience while reworking the percussion and arrangement to give the tune an upbeat house vibe one expects from the Aus Music family of releases. A completely new aesthetic is given to the track, while still feeling distant at times like the original, the strong emphasis on booming house percussion here keep the track high-energy throughout the entire track.

Less minimal than what most critics give credit for, this release re-emphasizes the producer’s current explorations of melody in modern bass music under his the ‘Scuba’ moniker. This release is slated for release both vinyl and digital on Sept 27.

Available for purchase now via JunoDownload

For those in the Atlanta area, be sure to keep your schedule free as Atlanta Dubstep presents  Scuba at King Plow Arts Center on September 9/23

(Reprinted from http://dubstepped.net/2010/09/01/review-tri002)

Scuba @ King Plow : 23-Sep

I have been waiting a long time for this to happen in Atlanta, and the word is out now that Atlanta Dubstep will be presenting Scuba performing on an amazing combination of soundsystems at King Plow Arts Center, a stunning factory turned art gallery that has played host to some of the most exciting events in Atlanta throughout the past year. I have not shied away from the fact I am a huge supporter of Scuba, and his HotFlush family of labels on this blog, so I will spare you additional details I assume you have already seen here.

Attendance it this is highly recommended for anybody in the area, obviously – local support from Justin Bright, and Mayhem

Full information regarding the event available beneath the fold.

King Plow Arts Center
887 West Marietta St NW
Sound provided by Atlanta Dubstep!

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