Exploring the Origins of Scientist

Listen to two of Scientist’s pioneering dub albums juxtaposed with their original vocal studio recordings. An exquisite introduction to his creativity using the mixing console.

Hopeton Brown aka Scientist does not need much introduction; sitting perfectly in the middle of the dub reggae canon between the foundational sounds of King Tubby and Mad Professor bringing the style in to the modern studio era.

Recently on YouTube I came across a handful of videos shared courtesy of Juweeltjes, a handful of which juxtapose the original tracks dubbed by Scientist for his Wins The World Cup and Rids The World of The Evil Curse of the Vampires album – the latter of which was popularized by many for appearing as the KJAH radio station in Grand Theft Auto 3

75 Years from Dub to Dubstep

Recently, NPR Music asked me to contribute a selection of songs outlining dub reggae, and specifically Lee “Scratch” Perry’s influence on modern dance music. Click on over to NPR to check out their article, with some information on the upcoming The Upsetter film, as well as the four tracks I selected.

Much thanks to the crew at NPR for reaching out to me and allowing me to contribute

Lee ‘Scratch’ Pretty : Over 75 Years, From Dub to Dubstep

Pinch / Scientist Feature on Gilles Peterson

In support of the highly anticipated Tectonic compilation featuring remixes from dub reggae pioneer Scientist, the two appeared on BBC Radio 1’s Gilles Peterson show a few weeks ago. In support not only the album’s release and the live shows celebrating the release, the two sat in for a short set.

This might be your best chance to experience these tunes before the albums impending release next week on 6-Dec, some deep reggae cuts from the legendary Scientist are mixed in as well. Definitely worth picking this one up for a the listen.

Download Gilles Peterson w/ guests Alice Russell, Scientist, and Pinch [via HotFile]

Full tracklist beneath the fold.

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4+ hr of Brendon Moeller Live

This one is huge, literally. Clocking in at over four hours and over 600 megs if you download it (and I hope you do.) Brendon Moeller brings us as much of his recent live set from last night at NYC’s ‘Deep Space‘ as he was able to capture before, as he notes, the batteries in the recorder gave out.

A varied selection as the artwork at left and his notes on Soundcloud show, with tracks from Aphex Twin, Boddika, Prince Far I, Dr. Dre, Yabby You, A Tribe Called Quest… there is definitely something for everybody here, and with the attention to detail Moeller has already made himself known for this promises to be an exciting journey.

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DJ set at www.deepspacenyc.com on Nov. 1st 2010 by brendonmoeller

Shortstack Sub.FM Halloween Show

Thanks to all who locked in for my solo Sub.FM broadcast last night, I made a recording of the show and have put it up here for anybody who wants to download/stream. Many thanks to Distal for letting me take over his studio while he was out of town this weekend to get the broadcast done. My apologies for the feedback / headphone mic in use on this session. This one clocks in at around 2hr which is standard for our Sub.FM shows, @192k MP3 it’s just over 160MB. Some fun tunes in here for Halloween, plus my typical blend of classic favorites and newness from Subreachers, Esh One, RSD and more.

It sounds like there is some horrendous clipping at some points in this, nobody told me it was happening in chat, so I was totally unaware — don’t say you weren’t warned ahead of time.

Complete tracklist is available beneath the fold and via Serato


Download Shortstack Sub.FM Halloween Show

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V/A – Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Reviewed)

I know I am not the only one who was drawn to dubstep by spending formative years of my youth listening to reggae albums, especially dub. Honestly, Scientist has always been a personal favorite; no disrespect to King Tubby for being the originator and no disrespect to Mad Professor for embracing new technologies in an old sound however Scientist seemed to always sit perfectly in the middle of the proto, and the present.

“This project has taken over a year to put together from its conception late last summer. The final results are worth every minute of effort that’s gone into this – this is definitely my proudest moment for Tectonic to date. The influence of dub swings round full circle!” –Pinch

Purchase The Original Mixes
Purchase The Scientist Versions

I know I am not the only one who was drawn to dubstep by spending formative years of my youth listening to reggae albums, especially dub. Honestly, Scientist has always been a personal favorite; no disrespect to King Tubby for being the originator and no disrespect to Mad Professor for embracing new technologies in an old sound however Scientist seemed to always sit perfectly in the middle of the proto, and the present. His “Vampires” and “World Cup” releases having left the biggest impression on me, even still today. Obviously, I’m absolutely enthralled that this release exists and even more having an opportunity to listen to these tracks and relay some early impressions on them back to readers.

Attempting my hardest to stay away from clichéd idioms when writing this review, it is difficult to approach speaking about specific tracks on this release without emphasizing “the sum is greater than the parts.” Honestly, this is something that I hope listeners appreciate start-to-finish as much as selectors and dancers will appreciate hearing singles played in DJ sets, or even more excitingly the upcoming UK tour with Scientist to support the album’s release.

Read below for my complete review:

Also, you can download the Scientist version of King Midas Sound track ‘U’ (U Dub) and Guido’s ‘Korg Back Dub‘ by entering your email information below:

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Trojan Records 7" Series

Renowned for their legendary 3 disc box set compilations (which quickly became standard listening during a majority of my college years,) Trojan Records is embarking on a new release series of 7″ vinyl releases showcasing some previously unreleased material. How I missed this, I am not sure; it appears the first two installments have dropped.

The first installment features cuts from Black Ark founder and essential reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, going back to 1977 for a limited edition release of two tracks, Candy McKenzie’s “Breakfast In Bed” and the yet-unheard Lee “Scrtach” Perry “Ice Cream” (Part of me wonders if  bundling these two tracks together is a suggestion, albeit a messy one.)

More information, and purchase details available currently on the Trojan Records store, a detailed forthcoming release schedule for the series is available beneath the fold.

Trojan Records Official Site
Trojan Records Official Storefront

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David Rodigan to curate FabricLive 54

David Rodigan, aka The Last Man You’d Ever Want To Face In A Soundclash, has been tapped by Fabric to curate the latest FabricLive for the mixed cd series. Definitely looking forward to this release as it will feature what will no doubt be another selection of some of the original ‘bass music’ in the form of reggae. When Rodigan speaks or spins, you should listen – unless he is providing dance instructions.

Fact Magazine provides an in-depth write up and a good analysis of the tracks selected for the mix on their site, the album is slated for release on 22-November.

“I deliberately avoided the obvious tracks which have appeared repeatedly on reggae compilation albums over the years,” he says. “Fabric, the club, and Fabric the record label, is at the cutting edge of music and so I wanted to uphold that legacy with my album.

“[This mix] allows me to delve into those historic dubs that I made with King Tubby The Dubmaster at his studios in Kingston,” he continues. “They were customised, exclusive dubs made and when I play them the Fabric fraternity have gone completely nutzoid!


01 Augustus Pablo – King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
02 Big Youth – Waterhouse Rock
03 Alborosie – Kingston Town
04 Etana – August Town
05 Chezidek – Borderline
06 Romain Virgo – Live Mi Life
07 Cham – Ghetto Story
08 Super Cat – Don Dada
09 Pinchers – Bandelero
10 Prince Alla – Bucket Bottom
11 King Tubby – Roots Of Dub
12 Joe Gibbs & Errol T – He Prayed (Dubbed)
13 Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
14 Mr Vegas & Konshens – Help Me Praise Jahoviah
15 Bitty McLean – Plead My Cause
16 Beres Hammond – Can You Play Some More
17 Cadenza – Stop That Train
18 Sly, Robbie, Lenky & The Maximum Sound Crew – Black Board
19 Shaggy – Church Heathen
20 Collie Buddz – Come Around
21 Million Stylez – Police In Helicopter

Scientist / Tectonic – Dubstep Into Outer Space Announced

Read my complete review of this release here

Fact Magazine revealed the tracklisting for Tectonic‘s upcoming collaborative project with dub reggae pioneer Scientist. As I stated on Twitter earlier today, without having discovered the sounds of King Tubby and Scientist I likely would not be listening to or djing dubstep at all. The influence of dub reggae’s aesthetics is prevalent among any honest dubstep releases. It is clear to understand why Pinch regards this release as a seminal moment in the history of Tectonic; it is clearly an important moment for modern bass music in general. Can’t wait to have a copy of Ill Kontent and City Cycle available for personal listening and playing out finally, and obviously can’t wait to hear how Scientist has reworked these tunes.

Disc one: Scientist Mixes
1. Pinch ft Emika – ‘2012 Dub’
2. Armour (Roly Vex’d) – ‘The Long Way Dub’
3. Guido – ‘Korg Back Dub’
4. Shackleton – ‘Hackney Marshes Dub’
5. King Midas Sound – ‘U Dub’
6. Loefah & SGT Pokes – ‘Dog Money Dub’
7. Distance – ‘Ill Kontent Dub’
8. RSD – ‘After All Dub’
9. Jack Sparrow – ‘Red Sand Dub’
10. Mala (Digital Mystikz) – ‘City Cycle Dub’
11. Cyrus (Random Trio) – ‘Footsteps Dub’
12. Kode 9 & Spaceape – ‘Abeng Dub’

Disc two: Dubstep Originals
1. Pinch ft Emika – ‘2012’
2. Armour (Roly Vex’d) – ‘The Long Way’
3. Guido – ‘Korg Back’
4. Shackleton – ‘Hackney Marshes’
5. King Midas Sound – ‘U’
6. Loefah & SGT Pokes – ‘Dog Money’
7. Distance – ‘Ill Kontent’
8. RSD – ‘After All’
9. Jack Sparrow – ‘Red Sand’
10. Mala (Digital Mystikz) – ‘City Cycle’
11. Cyrus (Random Trio) – ‘Footsteps’