Making ‘The Cold Vein’ (Video Documentary)

Watch a three-part series highlighting the early years of Definitive Jux and an intimate look at the recording of Cannibal Ox’s debut album “The Cold Vein”

Apparently this has been on YouTube for a year and has an unusually low number of views; a three-part documentary on creating the debut Cannibal Ox album The Cold Vein. It only runs just over a half-hour but is a wonderful glimpse into not just the singular album but an intimate look into the prime-era of Definitive Jux as a homegrown NYC rap label.


Hefty Records Flossed Out Mix

A 2006 mix from The Glitch Mob’s edIT, showcasing beats from Hefty Records’ discography and the best of mid-aughts rap.

Coming out of Chicago, John HughesHefty Records served as a home for for artists like Elliot Lipp, and Telefon Tel Aviv, and at least one Prefuse 73 side project, as well as providing a home for some overlooked artists of the time such as Some Water and Sun and

A number of the artists featured here including the DJ have moved on to understandably different aesthetics in the 8 years since this has been released but, like any good mix it is not only technically interesting but serves as a snapshot of the time which is was made.

edIT, now of Glitch Mob fame, shares remixes of mid-aught era rap on top of a handful of beats from the Hefty Records collection. Years later and I still have a soft-spot for this one.

Download edIT’s Hefty Records Flossed Out Mix

Rae Sremmurd Joins Captain America

Is daring to posit a black character as the embodiment of patriotism and lawful-goodness in 2014 really an achievement worth taking a victory lap on? Because at the end of the day, what’s Sam Wilson? A ruggedly handsome adult with great references. He can wear the archetype without a lot of alterations. Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee are African-American men aged 19 and 20. This is not a demographic group with a heroic reputation in the popular consciousness; if anything, it’s one that many people learn to fear and distrust on general principles, sometimes with tragic results.

Grantland’s Alex Pappademas takes a deep dive on the latest evolution of Captain America, and it’s unexpected crossover with summer rap sensation Rae Sremmurd

If you’re on alert for examples of the theoretical encroachment upon our freedoms by something people are apparently still calling “political correctness” in 2014, the fact that there’s now a black Captain America — like the presence of a female God of Thunder in the pages of Thor, and a Pakistani American Ms. Marvel in Ms. Marvel, and a Spider-Man who’s half-black and half-Mexican in the alternate-universe title Ultimate Spider-Man, and the casting of Idris Elba as a Norse god in the Thor movies — is hell-in-a-handbasket stuff.

The United States of Captain America: Rae Sremmurd, the Falcon, and the Endless, Necessary Racial Revision of Marvel’s Icons [via Grantland]

Dr. Dre’s Letter To Girlfriend (1995)

Dr. Dre’s letter to Nicole Threatt while scouting locations for the ‘California Love’ video shoot in 1995

Thanks to @sugarmercy for sharing this on my Twitter timeline, today – a letter from Dr. Dre to his then girlfriend Nicole Threatt, written during his travels with legendary video producer Hype Williams as they scouted locations for the California Love music video.
Dr Dre's Letter to Girlfriend (1995)
Credit to Bullett Media on the find