Phish Summer 2012

Photos, videos, and a short summary of Phish’s 2012 shows in Birmingham, Atlanta, and Charlotte

 Phish - Summer 2012Once again, I took a few days off to catch a few Phish concerts this past weekend. Taking the weekend before Labor Day to catch three concerts in Birmingham, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

My last show was my trip to Vermont to visit friends and catch the Phish Flood Benefit concert. I uploaded a handful of photos to Instagram (also viewable on the sidebar,) and additionally a full photo gallery online. Enjoy the photographs, as well some video of the ending of David Bowie as performed in Charlotte.

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Page McConnell on The Art of Improvisation

Page McConnellFollowing an earlier post, continuing on the theme of the improvisational prowess that is Phish, I noticed  that the Phish.Net blog has revisited  the posting of keyboardist Page McConnell’s college thesis ‘The Art of Improvisation.’ Originally submitted upon completion of his undergraduate studies for Goddard College, the thesis was first presented publicly in 1992 via a fan-maintained ListServ. Marking the 24-Yr Anniversary of it’s submission it has been reposted it to the Phish.Net website.

Click to read the full text, which is not a terribly long read [via Phish.Net]

Economy is a trait I admire in my influences. Bill Evans, probably my most important jazz piano influence, plays an entirely different style than Basie yet he incorporates economy: “He has worked unceasingly to arrive at a clearer, less cluttered jazz conception, one with no false starts, no side issues, no merely showy licks.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, and are looking for something to do tonight, I would highly suggest putting US$15 towards checking out tonight’s live broadcast of Phish’s performance from New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Return To Vermont

Photos from my trip to Vermont and New York in September 2011 for the Phish Flood Benefit and a visit to the Darwin D. Martin House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Phish Vermont Flood Benefit PosterIt has been since Coventry in 2004 since I was last in Vermont but this week, in addition to another return visit to Rochester, NY that I was able to make my way back to Vermont again. Appropriately, the return visit was to see Phish playing a post-hurricane flood benefit at the Champlain Valley Expo.

The show took place at a small (by Phish show standards) 10,000 person venue, quite a bit different from the near 100,000 in attendance at Coventry, and thankfully the shows were a lot more enjoyable not just for the fact that it was 1/10th the size but also the band sounding better than they did four years earlier.

…and as expected on any trip of my there food involved.

To make a financial contribution to Phish’s Mockingbird Foundation to help raise awareness and bring help to the residents of Vermont please click here to donate [via PayPal]

View the Trip Photo Album Here [via Flickr]

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The Believer Interviews Trey Anastasio

 I try to picture this one person having their own experience, and I picture them way in the back of the room. And I try to remember how insignificant my experience is, and how people’s experiences with music are their own thing.

So a lot of people don’t understand Phish‘s music, think their fans are ridiculous, and a bunch of other stuff that I’m not really interested in talking about here. I don’t hold that against anybody because it’s no big secret there is a lot of music and music fans I am not particularly fond of myself. But anybody who has any true connection to music will undoubtedly take at least one thing away from this excellent interview with Phish’s guitarist Trey Anastasio featured in The Believer Magazine.

Even if you don’t care for their music, no independent musician today can deny their self-made success and technical ability.

The Believer Magazine Interviews Trey Anastasio



July 4th Recap

Recapping my July 4th weekend of seeing Phish complete with requisite photos and videos, as well as information about upcoming events with HeatPromo and DJG

As many of you know already I have a long-standing habit of having to catch a Phish show if it happens to be in the area. I have been seeing them since 1996, and quite regularly since 1999 and have been fortunate to amass a great group of friends during my time travelling catching shows around the country. It has been seven years since Phish has played in Atlanta, and eleven since the last July 3rd and 4th shows I saw them perform, at Lakewood Amphitheater, which were among some of the better shows I have seen.

Thanks to the fact these shows fell on a weekend and a national holiday, quite a number of friends I have not had an opportunity to see in quite a long time happened to be able to make the trek here for the weekend so in addition to catching some wonderful live music, I had the chance to catch up with a number of friends who I ordinarily to not get to see all that frequently.

For those that care, the shows were excellent, the weather was amazing; it was warm, but not unseasonably so as it has been in the weeks leading up to the fourth of July. Additionally, with the recent acquisition of my iPhone 4, I was able to get a fair amount of decent photographs and some interesting HD video from the shows this weekend, all of which are available for viewing on my Flickr account.

All in all a wonderful weekend, a break from work, some wonderful food and excellent times with friends is always a welcome change from the regular work week. The fun continues through the end of this week as we have a huge Heat Promotions’ event on Thursday for our Thermal monthly series at Lava Lounge, and additionally I’ll be joining Richard Devine and DJG at The Soundtable for an Atlanta Dubstep event on Friday!