Making ‘The Cold Vein’ (Video Documentary)

Watch a three-part series highlighting the early years of Definitive Jux and an intimate look at the recording of Cannibal Ox’s debut album “The Cold Vein”

Apparently this has been on YouTube for a year and has an unusually low number of views; a three-part documentary on creating the debut Cannibal Ox album The Cold Vein. It only runs just over a half-hour but is a wonderful glimpse into not just the singular album but an intimate look into the prime-era of Definitive Jux as a homegrown NYC rap label.


One Year of NYC Cab Trips

HubCab followed all NYC Cab pickups and dropoffs in 2011 and created this interactive map with the help of MIT Senseable City Lab

Enter HubCab, a project of MIT Senseable City Lab who captured year’s worth of data from taxi pickups and dropoffs in New York City. The technical development section of HubCab‘s website provides a detailed explanation of the backend required for this level of data processing if you want to nerd out on that, but the interactive map is the clearly the most fun.

The basis of the HubCab tool is a data set of over 170 million taxi trips of all 13,500 Medallion taxis in New York City in 2011. The data set contains GPS coordinates of all pickup and drop off points and corresponding times.

View HubCab Interactive Map

All taxi pickups and drop offs at JFK airport daily between 3AM and 6AM.
All taxi pickups and drop offs at JFK airport daily between 3AM and 6AM.

Feds Halt 100 Kilogram North Korean Meth Import

Here’s what happens when the government gets wind of your attempts to import 100 kilograms of North Korean methamphetamine into the United States

Here’s a story, of five friends, living together (not really), but absolutely trying to bring around 100 kilograms of allegedly North Korean methamphetamine into the United States for sale primarily in NYC and Boston. Part Breaking Bad, part season 2 of The Wire – check the indictment below for some interesting reading.

US v Stammers Et Al Indictment S8 13 Cr 579 Signed_Redacted

Lights Out In The City

An exhibit on display at New York’s Danziger Gallery features the artwork of Parisian Thierry Cohen titled ‘Villes Éteintes’ (Darkened Cities), demonstrating how night skies in various urban metropolises would look without the disadvantages of light pollution.

An exhibit on display at New York’s Danziger Gallery features the artwork of Parisian Thierry Cohen titled Villes Éteintes’ (Darkened Cities), showing night skies in various international cities without the disadvantages of light pollution.

For those who cannot make it to NYC for the exhibition, be sure to check the online gallery, featuring detailed and accurate depictions of star-filled skies above a blacked-out New York City, Paris, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles, and more.

View the online gallery [via Danziger Gallery]
See the complete list of public exhibitions

Throw Up Ya Signs!

Jay Shells’ street art project “Rap Quotes” places street-signs with famous rap lyrics at the New York City locations they depict

Watch a video of NYC artist Jay Shells, displaying his “Rap Quotesproject, placing road-signs outside of New York City locations popularized by the area’s rap music.

Full list of songs referenced in the video beneath the fold. Read more about Rap Quotes on Animal New York. Shells also operates @TheRapQuotes Twitter account, to provide you with online inspiration for those, like myself, who aren’t local.

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Percussion Lab Presents 'Cambio' Compilation

Percussion Lab Presents ‘Cambio,’ a compilation available via Bandcamp w/ Sepalure, XI, Archie Pelago, Enoe, Contakt, and more. Full tracklist / previews

Something new from our friends over at Percussion Lab, in the form of a compilation album collecting some of the more notable names from past features on their site, plus more – obviously including a number of artists that have received shine on as well.

The release titled ‘Cambio,‘ features selections from well-known names such as Sepalcure, Daedelus, XI, Lando Kal, and Contakt of TURRBOTAX® fame, while giving spotlight to upcoming NY-based artists Archie Pelago and Enoe, both of which are regularly featured on Late Nite Tip.

Check beneath the fold for a full tracklisting, as well as previews. Cambio is available for a mere US$5 in both FLAC / 320 MP3 format from the Percussion Lab Bandcamp.

UPDATE: Our friends at XLR8R are giving away Shigeto’s contribution to the release titled ‘Friends and Lovers’ as a free download (192k MP3) over on their website. Click here to Download

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Goth Screenshots

A project which first came to my attention through following Sougwen on Instagram, is her Goth Screenshots collection (via Tumblr.) The premise, takes common error messages and computer dialog warnings, presenting them in a goth context.

Sougwen’s work might be most familiar to readers of this site through her involvement with Sepalcure, Shigeto, and The New Yorker, where she has displayed her uniquely identifiable style founded in intricate yet seemingly organic shapes, with a strong emphasis on texture and contrast.

For full information about Sougwen, her projects, and a more complete portfolio of past work please visit her website Click to view the rest of the Goth Screenshots Tumblr

Author Live @ Reconstrvct

Author (Jack Sparrow / Ruckspin) live performance at NYC’s Reconstrvct available for free download

A free download courtesy of Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin (aka Author) as they make their recent performance at Reconstrvct’s Outlook launch party available as a free download.

Much respect to Author, and the Reconstrvct crew for putting this together as a part of their Outlook Festival pre-launch party.

Download: Author – Live @ Reconstrvct Outlook Launch Party

Wayback Wednesday: James Brown – Live at The Apollo (1963)

Wayback Wednesday continues with another legendary live release in James Brown’s famed performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater recorded in 1962

James Brown - Live at the ApolloKeeping in the theme of last week’s Wayback Wednesday we continue with another legendary live release in James Brown‘s famed performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater released in 1963.

The recording, featuring James Brown with The Famous Flames, his vocal backup lead by Bobby Byrd made during the group’s performance October 24, 1962. Clocking in at a mere 31 minutes on the original recording, James Brown delivers a performance that captivates an audience more in a single half-hour than most performers are capable of with 3-4 times that length.

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Miles Davis – Dark Magus (1977)

n a conversation on “jazz albums for people who are not jazz fans,” Dark Magus should rank high at the top of anybody’s list; this release has a lot more in common with heavy metal / hard rock than it does with what most would associate Miles Davis with.

Citing yourself as a Miles Davis fan can be a rather obtuse observation; the artist’s career reaches across a near fifty year span during which he constantly invented and redefined a number of musical styles. One of the more contentious periods of the trumpeter’s legendary career is his ‘electric’ period, that grew out of the line-ups formed during the recordings of On The Corner and Big Fun

The pinnacle of his electric period, for me, comes in the three live releases Dark Magus, Agharta, and Pangaea. In this post, we take a look at the first of these three, a live performance recorded at Carnegie Hall on March 30, 1974 – released originally in 1977.

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Archie Pelago – Mary Anne Hobbs Mix (Video)

Watch the HD video of Archie Pelago’s mix for Mary Anne Hobbs XFM radio broadcast. Original air-date: April 7, 2012

For those who missed the debut of this on Monday evening, NYC trio Archie Pelago posted a HD streamable video of their 30 minute mix contributed for Mary Anne Hobbs’ XFM Radio show.

If you are looking for audio of the broadcast, or other freely accessible Archie material, kick on over to this comprehensive Archie Pelago write-up

Twitter finds NYC's 'Happy Place'

The happiest “corner” is actually just inside the western edge of Central Park, where the intersection of 7th and 77th would be (this is just north of the lake and east of the Hayden Planetarium)*. This corner elicits tweets with a relatively high abundance of the positive words “loves” and “sky”, and proportionally less negative words like “not”, “fear” and “no”. Many of the happiest locations actually fall within Central Park!

One of the most interesting applications of Twitter is not the social networking aspect, instead, the sheer amount of data the platform generates and the potential to mine the data to identify and solve problems or uncover interesting facts.

Another excellent example of data mining and data visualization is in this map that purports to show New York City‘s ‘happiest’ place overlaying geotagged tweets and developing a heat-map using keywords, using labMT scoring, are associated with positive or negative emotions.

Read The Full Article Here [via OneHappyBird]

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2011 In Photos

With plenty traveling and stories in 2011, I compiled some memorable photos taken on my iPhone shared in Instagram

I joined Instagram a little over a year ago, say what you will about the filters but as a platform for sharing photos with friends and quickly posting them to the social network du jour it’s wonderful. The power of the camera in the iPhone 4 family is pretty astounding given it’s size, there was a time I’d at least carry a point-and-shoot everywhere I went just in case but I’m glad that I can get the same quality of photos my Canon SD800 gave me in something I carry in my pocket anyway.

With a lot of traveling and stories this year I felt it would be good to take a look at my feed from the past year, and pull out a few favorites and compile a short gallery of photos showing some highlights.

Click below to see the complete collection, and if you’re on Instagram – feel free to add me @shrtstck

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