One Year of NYC Cab Trips

HubCab followed all NYC Cab pickups and dropoffs in 2011 and created this interactive map with the help of MIT Senseable City Lab

Enter HubCab, a project of MIT Senseable City Lab who captured year’s worth of data from taxi pickups and dropoffs in New York City. The technical development section of HubCab‘s website provides a detailed explanation of the backend required for this level of data processing if you want to nerd out on that, but the interactive map is the clearly the most fun.

The basis of the HubCab tool is a data set of over 170 million taxi trips of all 13,500 Medallion taxis in New York City in 2011. The data set contains GPS coordinates of all pickup and drop off points and corresponding times.

View HubCab Interactive Map

All taxi pickups and drop offs at JFK airport daily between 3AM and 6AM.
All taxi pickups and drop offs at JFK airport daily between 3AM and 6AM.

Wayback Wednesday: James Brown – Live at The Apollo (1963)

Wayback Wednesday continues with another legendary live release in James Brown’s famed performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater recorded in 1962

James Brown - Live at the ApolloKeeping in the theme of last week’s Wayback Wednesday we continue with another legendary live release in James Brown‘s famed performance at Harlem’s Apollo Theater released in 1963.

The recording, featuring James Brown with The Famous Flames, his vocal backup lead by Bobby Byrd made during the group’s performance October 24, 1962. Clocking in at a mere 31 minutes on the original recording, James Brown delivers a performance that captivates an audience more in a single half-hour than most performers are capable of with 3-4 times that length.

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Miles Davis – Dark Magus (1977)

n a conversation on “jazz albums for people who are not jazz fans,” Dark Magus should rank high at the top of anybody’s list; this release has a lot more in common with heavy metal / hard rock than it does with what most would associate Miles Davis with.

Citing yourself as a Miles Davis fan can be a rather obtuse observation; the artist’s career reaches across a near fifty year span during which he constantly invented and redefined a number of musical styles. One of the more contentious periods of the trumpeter’s legendary career is his ‘electric’ period, that grew out of the line-ups formed during the recordings of On The Corner and Big Fun

The pinnacle of his electric period, for me, comes in the three live releases Dark Magus, Agharta, and Pangaea. In this post, we take a look at the first of these three, a live performance recorded at Carnegie Hall on March 30, 1974 – released originally in 1977.

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2011 In Photos

With plenty traveling and stories in 2011, I compiled some memorable photos taken on my iPhone shared in Instagram

I joined Instagram a little over a year ago, say what you will about the filters but as a platform for sharing photos with friends and quickly posting them to the social network du jour it’s wonderful. The power of the camera in the iPhone 4 family is pretty astounding given it’s size, there was a time I’d at least carry a point-and-shoot everywhere I went just in case but I’m glad that I can get the same quality of photos my Canon SD800 gave me in something I carry in my pocket anyway.

With a lot of traveling and stories this year I felt it would be good to take a look at my feed from the past year, and pull out a few favorites and compile a short gallery of photos showing some highlights.

Click below to see the complete collection, and if you’re on Instagram – feel free to add me @shrtstck

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Return To Vermont

Photos from my trip to Vermont and New York in September 2011 for the Phish Flood Benefit and a visit to the Darwin D. Martin House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Phish Vermont Flood Benefit PosterIt has been since Coventry in 2004 since I was last in Vermont but this week, in addition to another return visit to Rochester, NY that I was able to make my way back to Vermont again. Appropriately, the return visit was to see Phish playing a post-hurricane flood benefit at the Champlain Valley Expo.

The show took place at a small (by Phish show standards) 10,000 person venue, quite a bit different from the near 100,000 in attendance at Coventry, and thankfully the shows were a lot more enjoyable not just for the fact that it was 1/10th the size but also the band sounding better than they did four years earlier.

…and as expected on any trip of my there food involved.

To make a financial contribution to Phish’s Mockingbird Foundation to help raise awareness and bring help to the residents of Vermont please click here to donate [via PayPal]

View the Trip Photo Album Here [via Flickr]

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Vacation Update

It has been a matter of days since I have been in front of a computer long enough to provide a recap of the first half of my vacation but here goes.

Thursday night, before leaving, things got started as Mount Kimbie performed live in Atlanta at the King Plow Arts Center. I had the fortunate chance to play after the headlining set, a portion of which is downloadable as this month’s 1111 Agency Podcast.

Arriving in NYC early Friday evening I linked up with Bassfaced, and Hirshi and Kroba from Archie Pelago and headed down to The Bunker’s ‘Bass Mutations’ party at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly. An event that is a part of the NYC side of Unsound Festival, it was a night that featured DJ and Live sets from the likes of Dave Q, Badawi, Lone, Sepalcure, Dorian Concept, Kode9, Appleblim, Kink, and more. Arriving at the club at 11PM, Dave Q was getting things warmed up nicely in the backroom with a set that reached across a wide range of BPMs, and gave me the opportunity to hear a number of Distal tracks on a more than ample soundsystem. Additionally, the night gave me an opportunity to finally link up with Nihal, Wheez-ie, Sonkin, and a handful of other northeastern based music friends that I had yet to meet in the flesh. All and all an excellent night out with amazing sets from everybody I had the opportunity to see, there is nothing that I can add that probably hasn’t already been said a thousand times before.

Saturday, starting off slow after an eight-hour club excursion, found us at Dough sampling some gourmet doughnuts to get the day started before heading over to Halcyon for some record shopping then up to New Paltz to DJ with Rodan and Bloom. A good evening there with the Victory Beer crew and us three tagging off loungier house and techno tracks all night long. Definitely a different vibe than the last time I visited town, but as enjoyable nonetheless.

Monday, after a sushi lunch with some old Avara/ crew, we made our way to Cielo for the 8th year birthday celebration of Deep Space NYC hosted by Francois K with special guest JOYO (née Joy Orbison), who played an intense 2+ hr set that was a perfect cap to my time in the city.

Now, I am laying low in western NY – brewing beer with kim-, and chumprock, enjoying a nice change of pace from nearly a straight week of clubbing in NYC and New Paltz, and laying low before heading to Toronto on Thursday afternoon. I am sure more will follow soon!

Oh, and if you are in Atlanta, get over to King Plow tonight for the Surefire Showcase featuring Moldy, Pearson Sound / Ramadanman, Zed Bias / Maddslinky, and Distal.

Vacation Time

After a lengthy day and evening last night, and the wonderful opportunity to play after an excellent performance by Mount Kimbie, I will be heading to NYC this afternoon.

First on tap will be Bass Mutations, a part of this year’s Unsound Festival, bringing together the likes of Kode 9, Appleblim, Badawi, and the list of names on the left. Any way you slice it, it’s a definite who’s who in bass music currently.

Saturday night I am headed up to New Paltz to play a show with Rodan and Bloom, I’d post a link to the Facebook event but the iPad editing on WordPress doesn’t make that super easy. More to follow!

Download: 17-April DJ Rodan + Shortstack

As many of you read in an earlier post, I am recently back from an exciting trip where the Crown & Anchor crew was courteous enough to extend to me the opportunity to play at the one year anniversary of their Watchtower Wobble event in New Paltz, NY. Right before an amazing headlining set from Embassy Recordings crew Distal + Mite, I put down some tracks with local boss DJ Rodan. He was kind enough to record the madness and make it available, so go “cop the file” while it’s still hot! Pardon the technicals in a few spots, one deck was on the fritz and at a few points people were knocking down the wall in front of the booth, wild times.

Gorillaz – Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack) (Rodan Speedup)

Claude VonStroke – Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix)
The Martin Brothers – Duckface
T. Williams – People’s Choice
Claude VonStroke – Greasy Beat feat. Bootsy Collins (J Phlip Remix)
Secret Agent Gel – I Need You (dub)
Incyde – Station (dub)
Addison Groove – Footcrab

Headhunter – Sex At The Prom

Brackles – Rawkus
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me
Joker – Tron (VIP)
F – Chillin’
Kode9 – Konfusion (Dub)
Scuba – Three Sided Shape
DJG – Duality
Download Link (MediaFire)