Mala – The Essential Mix

Mala’s session for Radio 1’s Essential Mix show, download, stream, and view the tracklist of the two hour dubstep session from the legendary Digital Mystikz don.

Digital Mystikz co-creator, and all around dubstep don Mala was finally presented as the featured guest on BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix broadcast last evening. Coming fresh off the heels of Mala in Cuba‘s success lock in below for streams and downloads of the two-hour radio session from April 13, 2013.

Check below for download and tracklist information.

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NPR Music's Top 100 for 2012

NPR Music lists it’s 100 favorite tracks from 2012 and provides a Spotify and Rdio station to allow streaming of their submissions

Our friends over at NPR Music have made their list of Top 100 Songs for 2012 available for browsing and streaming over on their website.

Featuring selections this year from a number of albums and artists covered here, including Spiritualized, Mala, and Wiley, it felt only right to share the link here.


NPR Music’s 100 Favorite Songs of 2012 [article]
Stream NPR Music’s 100 Favorite Songs of 2012 on Spotify
Stream NPR Music’s 100 Favorite Songs of 2012 on Rdio

Mala – Calle F / Cuba Electronica

The official video for Mala’s “Cuba Electronica” as well as a preview of “Calle F” off the Mala In Cuba album

Mala_cigRipped from a recent Gilles Peterson broadcast, Mala offers up this preview of ‘Calle F‘ one of the forthcoming selections from the DMZ and Deep Medi founder’s album of Cuban inspired rhythms. The project stems from the Gilles Peterson helmed wing of the Havana Cultura project, aimed at exposing Cuban influence on the global stage

I have to admit, I am a bigger fan of the single Cuba Electronica that has seen airplay on Joe Nice’s radio show featured below, but it’s exciting to catch the dramatic shifts in Mala’s music

Appreciation From The Editor

In appreciation for recent support of, I am offering a free download of my two hour live mix opening for Borgore in Atlanta, Nov 2010.

First things first, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to readers of this site old and new. It has been an interesting year for me both on and off this site.

During the beginning of the year I was unable to focus full attention to the site, however I cannot thank people enough for allowing to essentially ‘pick up where we left off‘ and continuing to support the site as things has smoothed out a bit recently.

Continue beneath the fold for more gratitude, looking forward for the site, and an exclusive  live dj mix of mine for you to download or stream.

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Whistla – Dubstep Classics Vol. 1 Mix

A nice mix uploaded today from Whistla, the man behind Sub.FM, which has been the home to Distal and I hosting Late Nite Tip, for over a year.

At the behest of many, Whistla takes a short respite from the swivel vibe to put together an essential collection of classics of deeper and darker tunes well fitted to the colder weather and shorter days ahead. Full tracklist beneath the fold, but be sure to pick this one up. Really, he plays ‘Plate,’ that’s all you need to know. If I was going to put together a ‘best of’ set, this is pretty close; ‘Plate,’ ‘Nomad,’ ‘1st Dynasty’ were all tunes I fell in love with when I first discovered the genre. If you appreciate real dubstep, you will appreciate this. If you are one of these Johnny Come-Lately’s to the dubstep scene, well… here is some culture for you. Know your roots.

Whistla has this one up on Mixcloud recorded strictly off vinyl and recorded in 320, presenting these tunes in the quality the deserve to be heard in. Big up to Whistla and all the Sub.FM DJs and fans supporting a good thing.

Whistla – Dubstep Classics Vol. 1 Mix [via Mixcloud]

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James Blake Interview / Anti-War Dub cover

James Blake pays homage to Digital Mystikz’ – Anti-War Dub performing a live interpretation of the classic as an encore to his performance May 23, 2011 at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall

I am glad to find myself fortunate to have caught James Blake‘s live performance in Toronto a little over a week ago. Bass Music‘s favorite son has continued his tour across North America most recently with a stop at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, where he contributed a short video interview.

In addition, Blake paid homage to Digital Mystikz‘ anthemic and timely ‘Anti-War Dub‘ by performing a live interpretation of the classic dubstep track as an encore to his performance last evening.

Thanks to Kozee for capturing this one and getting it on YouTube so fast, and much thanks to Big Up Magazine via Sonic Ambulance TV for providing the heads up to the interview video as well.

James Blake, class.

Goth-Trad – Two Face (MEDI033)

MEDI033_TestPressA new release this week from Japanese dubstep don Goth-Trad, coming out on Mala’s highly esteemed Deep Medi Musik. Goth-Trad is another in the long list of producers who I don’t feel have the attention they deserve; his productions are always bass heavy, intelligent and when you make it to the second drop of the tune there is typically well placed change that push the tune even further into madness making them devastating on any soundsystem.

The same holds true for this latest release, Goth-Trad’s fourth on Deep Medi Musik putting him second only to Silkie in terms of output on the label. I first heard of this release listening to this month‘s GoumetBeats radio show with Joe Nice, as ‘Sunbeam’ made an appearance and understandably got the requisite rewind.

MEDI033 opens with ‘Two Face’ a heavy tune even by Goth-Trad standards that to me is reminiscent of Benga’s ‘26 Basslines‘ for the manner in which it alternates similar patterns across a variety of distinctly different bass sounds. Making such a comparison almost seems a disservice to Goth-Trad; ‘Two Face’ is capable of standing on its own and is definitely not a carbon copy of releases that have come before it. The highlight for me however is the flip side of the release with ‘Sunbeam.’ A patiently developing track, ‘Sunbeam’ opens up with a quick 1-2 static-tinged melody over brooding atmospheres. The quick melody on top of signature Goth-Trad bass shows excellent interplay with a crisp bongo pattern that takes front-stage creating a heavily percussive track that is as enjoyable to mix as it is to hear.

You can purchase and download Goth Trad – Sunbeam / Two Face from all finer digital shops, available on Deep Medi Musik.

Goth-Trad ( WebsiteDiscogs )

V/A – Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Reviewed)

I know I am not the only one who was drawn to dubstep by spending formative years of my youth listening to reggae albums, especially dub. Honestly, Scientist has always been a personal favorite; no disrespect to King Tubby for being the originator and no disrespect to Mad Professor for embracing new technologies in an old sound however Scientist seemed to always sit perfectly in the middle of the proto, and the present.

“This project has taken over a year to put together from its conception late last summer. The final results are worth every minute of effort that’s gone into this – this is definitely my proudest moment for Tectonic to date. The influence of dub swings round full circle!” –Pinch

Purchase The Original Mixes
Purchase The Scientist Versions

I know I am not the only one who was drawn to dubstep by spending formative years of my youth listening to reggae albums, especially dub. Honestly, Scientist has always been a personal favorite; no disrespect to King Tubby for being the originator and no disrespect to Mad Professor for embracing new technologies in an old sound however Scientist seemed to always sit perfectly in the middle of the proto, and the present. His “Vampires” and “World Cup” releases having left the biggest impression on me, even still today. Obviously, I’m absolutely enthralled that this release exists and even more having an opportunity to listen to these tracks and relay some early impressions on them back to readers.

Attempting my hardest to stay away from clichéd idioms when writing this review, it is difficult to approach speaking about specific tracks on this release without emphasizing “the sum is greater than the parts.” Honestly, this is something that I hope listeners appreciate start-to-finish as much as selectors and dancers will appreciate hearing singles played in DJ sets, or even more excitingly the upcoming UK tour with Scientist to support the album’s release.

Read below for my complete review:

Also, you can download the Scientist version of King Midas Sound track ‘U’ (U Dub) and Guido’s ‘Korg Back Dub‘ by entering your email information below:

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Modeselektions Vol. 1

Modeselektor returns in November with a very special collection of future bass influenced tracks for their new Modeselektions series. This looks absolutely serious as the German duo have tapped new tunes from such genre-bending innovators as 2562, Shed, Bok Bok, and Ramadanman in addition to tapping always exciting talents like Mala, Marcel Dettmann, and long time favorites of Modeselektor Siruismo. It’s rare I can get this excited about a forthcoming release; purely based on the fact that each of the producers selected is phenomenal and I don’t have a clue what most, if any of these tunes sound like yet. Obviously my imagination is running rampant awaiting the release of this compilation, we will have to stay patient until November 5th sadly.

“The main concern in all of this was the idea of defying genres and the usual beef between different camps, i.e. to create without borders and be completely freestyle,” say the duo. “When we now look at the line-up on this CD, it pretty much goes down like oil.” All of the tracks onModeselektion Vol.01 will also see release in a series of 12-inches, including an eight-track LP on transparent vinyl that’s limited to 666 copies.”

Modeselektor has posted a video, and complete tracklist online in preparation of the release:

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Soul Jazz Presents 'Future Bass'

Soul Jazz announced today a forthcoming compilation featuring a who’s who of established and up-and-coming “Future Bass” talents. Drawing on classics from Mala, Untold, Black Chow, Ginz, and Coki who have been longtime contributors to the label as well as tapping newer talents such as Atlanta’s own, and good friend of mine Distal. Definitely an exciting release regardless of the connection, and surely a number of these tunes will see good rotation in upcoming sets. Good work to Distal for being among some of the top names in the movement right now on this release. Future Bass is to be released September 20th. Tracklist after the jump.

DISTAL – Grape Donut (Forthcoming Soul Jazz Recordings) by Distal

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Drowned in Sound interviews Mala

On more than one occasion, I have used my blog to highlight my appreciation for the work of Mala from the Digital Mystikz camp. Mala’s influence on the heavily developed dubstep scene is undeniable, and with his recent release ‘Return II Space’ marking his first release on his own labels DMZ or Deep Medi in over a year, it’s clear why he is rightfully back in the spotlight, and it was well worth the wait.

This week another wonderful interview with Mala comes to us from Drowned In Sound site. Be sure to click over and give it a read and show some appreciation, and gain some insight into the mind of one of the most uniquely identifiably, and innovate producers around.

[W]hat I’m interested in is what’s unknown. That’s why I think I do love music and I love creating music. I never have an idea of what I’m going to create when I sit down and write. And when somebody sends you music and you press play and you don’t know what’s going to happen – that’s what I love about music.

Much appreciation to Melissa and Mala for making this one available.

Mala : Return II Space – Fact Magazine Interview

In preparation for his upcoming triple-pack release on his own esteemed DMZ label, Fact Magazine has posted a very enjoyable read as they sit down and speak with Mark Lawrence, aka MALA – one of the most important contributors to the current bass music movement.

This is without a doubt an imperative read for anybody who follows this site, so be sure to go ahead and get the knowledge you need and give it a read.

Mala : Return II Space (Fact Magazine)

‘Sometimes it’s nice that pieces of music are just left resonating in certain walls of certain venues, rattling around from time to time in people’s memories when they’re reminded of the time they heard a certain piece of music. It happens to me in this day and age still.”