Hefty Records Flossed Out Mix

A 2006 mix from The Glitch Mob’s edIT, showcasing beats from Hefty Records’ discography and the best of mid-aughts rap.

Coming out of Chicago, John HughesHefty Records served as a home for for artists like Elliot Lipp, and Telefon Tel Aviv, and at least one Prefuse 73 side project, as well as providing a home for some overlooked artists of the time such as Some Water and Sun and Retina.it

A number of the artists featured here including the DJ have moved on to understandably different aesthetics in the 8 years since this has been released but, like any good mix it is not only technically interesting but serves as a snapshot of the time which is was made.

edIT, now of Glitch Mob fame, shares remixes of mid-aught era rap on top of a handful of beats from the Hefty Records collection. Years later and I still have a soft-spot for this one.

Download edIT’s Hefty Records Flossed Out Mix