James Brown – Soul Train Performances

Watch a compilation of James Brown’s live performances on ‘Soul Train’

Most concert historians point to the Apollo performance, and understandably so, but James Brown delivered some electrifying performances on Soul Train more than a few times.

Here’s a near 45-minute compilation of every performance. Featuring live renditions of Hot Pants, Get Up (I Feel Like A) Sex Machine, Get On The Good Foot, Soul Power, Make It Funky, Cold Sweat, Try Me, Please Please, Please, Say It Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud, Super Bad, Papa Don’t Take No Mess, My Thang , Hell, The Payback, and a bonus performance of Damn Right I’m Somebody by Fred Wesley and the JB’s

P-Funk Documentary

‘One Nation Under A Groove’ presents a near hour long documentary on George Clinton’s musical legacy led by the formation of the “Parliament Funkadelic” syndicate of musicians.

After spending most of Thursday listening to Maggot Brain, it is rather appropriate to have stumbled upon the following near hour-long documentary of Parliament Funkadelic made in 2005.  Embedded below for your viewing pleasure, One Nation Under A Groove profiles George Clinton’s musical projects that culminated in ‘P-Funk’ and of course it’s legacy on modern rap music and that awesome Jeremy Piven movie.