Frank Zappa – Dance Me This

Frank Zappa’s 100th album titled “Dance Me This” will see a release on June 1, 2005. The album is rumored to contain 11 tracks featuring synclavier compositions and guest appearances from Artis the Spoonman and a number of vocalists.

Frank Zappa - Dance Me ThisYesterday, the Zappa Family Trust, who apparently updates their website less frequently than I do, announced that Frank Zappa’s final album (#100 for those keeping count), titled Dance Me This will be available June 1st of this year.

The pre-order site does not provide much additional information other than the $18 price tag and the following short note: This is it. #100. The LAST album by Frank Zappa. It’s 1993 & YOU ARE HERE! 

Some additional information was available on the unofficial fan wiki however:


  • Frank Zappa (synclavier)
  • Artis the Spoon Man (spoons)
  • Kaigal-ool Khovalyg (vocals)
  • Anatoli Kuular (vocals)
  • Mats Öberg (keyboards)


  1. Dance Me This
  2. Wolf Harbor Movement V
  3. Pachuco Gavotte
  4. Goat Polo
  5. Wolf Harbor Movement I
  6. Rykoniki
  7. Wolf Harbor Movement II
  8. Piano
  9. Wolf Harbor Movement III
  10. Calculus
  11. Wolf Harbor Movement IV

An alternate tracklisting from IINK is as follows:

  1. Dance Me This
  2. Pachuco Gavotte
  3. Wolf Harbor Movement I
  4. Wolf Harbor Movement II
  5. Wolf Harbor Movement III
  6. Wolf Harbor Movement IV
  7. Wolf Harbor Movement V
  8. Goat Polo
  9. Rykoniki
  10. Piano
  11. Calculus (Frank Zappa/Todd Yvega)

RIP Ray Collins

Obituary for Ray Collins, falsetto singer and member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention group, who passed away December 24, 2012


This happened a few days ago, but I figured I would wait a few days for the cluster of Christmas to settle down before expecting traffic on the site to pick up. Ray Collins, original member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention lineup passed away on December 24, 2012 after days of being in a medically induced coma

I will always appreciate and remember Collins’ falsetto contributions on Cruising With Ruben and the Jetsone of the earlier and often overlooked albums from Zappa and the Mothers; a full album ode to the bands’ appreciation for doo-wop.

Take a chance today to enjoy the album, and Ray Collins’ voice, through the Spotify stream of the album below.

“Too much comedy, too much making fun of stuff,” Collins said in an interview with the Daily Bulletin. “I just wanted to make beautiful music. I was raised on Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole.”

Zappa Trust Opens Roxy Recordings and Licensing

To raise money for the release of the video portions of the 1974 Roxy & Elsewhere anthology, the Zappa Family Trust opens licensing to two 1973 recordings

Even dead, Frank Zappa continues to push the boundaries of music marketing and sales, making the master recordings of two 1973 Roxy recordings available for purchase and even opening up the licensing of the recordings to allow for mass duplication and reselling.

For a $1,000 licensing fee, fans can own a master duplication copy of the recording, which they can copy and sell for whatever price they’d like, with $1.20 per-CD mechanical royalty to be paid to Zappa Records.

The proceeds from licensing these recordings will go towards the restoration and release of the video portion of Roxy & Elsewherewhich has been a long time coming for Zappa fans.

Frank Zappa Fans Offered Unique Access To Unreleased Music [via Rolling Stone]



Frank Zappa Home Interview (1989)

Clips from a CBS interview with the legendary composer Frank Zappa – demonstrating his humor, and thoughts on music technology – especially synclavier

Frank Zappa Smoking GuitarClips from a CBS interview with the legendary composer Frank Zappa. This video is part 2 in a three-part series on YouTube which I highly recommend you make the time to watch.

As always some brilliant quotes from Frank, most notably on how to raise children, as well as the value for musicians to embrace new technologies – demonstrating the capabilities of the synclavier.

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