Vivian Kubrick Photo Collection

Vivian Kubrick shares photos of her growing up on the sets of her father, Stanley Kubrick’s, film sets.

Stanley Kubrick‘s daughter Vivian is well-known not just for her cameos in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Barry Lyndon but also her own documentary about her father’s work on The Shining.  Recently she has started sharing photos of her on the set of her father’s film sets via her Twitter account. Definitely some cool stuff to check out

View the collection so far [via DangerousMinds]
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Vivian Kubrick and 2001 baby chimp

FDR Fights Werewolf Dictators

An upcoming action film where a polio-striken FDR saves America from werewolf Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito

Apparently this exists, an action film where a polio-striken Franklin Delano Roosevelt saves America from the wrath of werewolf versions of Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. Hollywood, you never fail to impress.

The audio on this one is NSFW, be forewarned.

FDR! American Badass (2011) [via IMDB]

Criticism, Praise, and Artistic Distance

Views, and gratitude regarding criticism, from a critic, upon reading A List Apart’s writings on Artistic Distance

Far too often, honesty is met with ridicule, shame, or outright rage from people hiding behind electronic media. As a community, if our goal is to continue raising the bar for design, we need to get to a place where objective discussion is welcomed, not scorned or drowned in obsequiousness.

An excellent read from A List Apart on the importance of criticism by exploring the concept of artistic distance, the necessary ability for all artists  achieving detachment from the creative process and ultimately the products of their creation. I have brought similar concepts before in a post on objectivity and criticism, and was excited to read something new covering familiar concepts.

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Samsara Debut / Trailer / US Launch

Ron Fricke’s ‘Samsara’ the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Baraka’ debuted Sept 11, 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival. View the trailer and read additional info ahead of the US launch August 2012.

Samsara,’ Ron Fricke‘s follow-up film to his critically acclaimed non-verbal epic ‘Baraka‘ has been in development for years with very few updates. The film premiered in Toronto, Canada on September 11, 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

It has been announced Samsara will debut in American theaters beginning August 2012.

Samsara [ IMDB | TIFF | Press Release | Official Website | Full Cast & Crew ]

Update – Watch the Trailer for Samsara:

New Update: Since the film has been released and premiered since the time of this writing I have added the additional resources related to the film below:

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Theo Parrish v. Tony Allen (Live and Forthcoming RBMA video)

I am a long way from Lagos so unfortunately will be unable to attend this one when it happens however, Red Bull Music Academy has arranged quite a meeting of the minds by teaming up Theo Parrish, Tony Allen, Seun Kuti and more as a part of the annual Felabration tribute to Fela Kuti. The concert which will feature Parrish alongside a 9-piece Afrobeat outfit is scheduled to be documented as a short film for release sometime in December.

Felabreation Official Website
Theo Parrish / Tony Allen [via RBMA]

Martyn – Great Lengths (Film)

Ramón Gieling contributes this short film interpretation of Martyn’s full length release ‘Great Lengths’ released on 3024 in 2009

An interesting take on the seminal dubstep release ‘Great Lengths‘ from 3024 label head and long time electronic music pioneer Martyn. Featuring the camera work of Ramón Gieling set to the music and acting of the producer, we have a very interesting adaptation of selections from the album.



Thanks to Martyn for making me aware of this over on his Twitter @Martyn3024

Oysters Love Crude Oil

For all my seafood and shellfish loving friends, I am similarly concerned about the state of good food as a consequence of Deepwater Horizon spilling tonnes of oil into  the Gulf of Mexico.  Fortunately, this wonderful film reel explains how much our beloved bivalves appreciate living in oil infested waters. Skip ahead to the 9:00 mark for the lulz.

Thanks to the Consumerist for the original breakout on this