Teo Macero + Stan Tonkel Backstage

Teo Macero and Stan Tonkel backstage at the 1970 Isle of Wight

Not for the fly-by-night Miles Davis fan, a small collection of photos from the 1970 Isle of Wight festival featuring Miles Davis recording engineers Teo Macero and Stan Tonkel backstage and in the mobile recording truck.

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ICYMI, we recently shared a video of the complete Miles Davis set from the aforementioned festival, watch it here.

We’re Gonna Bro Out So Hard

Arriving at the nexus of startup culture and summer festival season, the NY Times covers this mess from WeWork

When Startup Culture + Festival Culture Collide

At one point this website reported a lot about music, which means readers here are no stranger to some of the worse “festivals.” Suffice it to say I was surprised upon reading NY Times coverage of WeWork’s Summer Camp and being presented with some of the more surprisingly insufferable forms of humanity.

It may sound as if I am being harsh however if the above photo does not set the stage properly for this gathering of networking, synergy, and whatever other bespoke bullshit is going on here, enjoy a few of the passages below; a scene that far exceeds anything I have experienced at Phish, Bonnaroo, Vegoose, and anything I’ve tried to avoid by not attending Gathering of the JuggalosUltra, Burning Man, or EDC. 

While the quotes below are entertaining, you are best served gaining the full experience reading the complete NY Times article.

Camping Out With the Office – WeWork Goes to Summer Camp [via NY Times]

“It felt so much more organic than going to a conference,” he said. “I shared something with this guy that went beyond business networking. Now I feel like I know him on a personal level because we did some back flips and shared some beers.”

After sunset, Michael Franti & Spearhead played songs about unity, and two women in shorts kissed as men around them cheered. A woman dressed as a taco twerked with a man dressed as Sailor Moon.