How GM Makes Sure Cars Sound Like Cars

GM describes how sound design is an integral part of the design and manufacturing process of automobiles

Sound design of a different sort in this article from Medium, which gives some insight into the world of how sound is an integral part of the automobile design and manufacturing processes.

In general, to improve fuel economy in a car, you want to reduce the engine’s RPM. Over the past few decades, the auto industry has been doing that. In the 90s, says Gordon, a 4c engine might be cruising at 3,400 RPM. Today, it’s below 2,000.

But as you reduce the speed that the drive shaft is rotating, you lower the frequency of the sound it’s making. There comes a lower limit where the engine is making what Gordon calls “groan-y and moan-y” noises which people find unpleasant. The car sounds broken. So cars had to keep the engine’s RPM above a certain level, hurting their fuel efficiency, or risk alienating customers.

How GM makes a car sound like what a car is supposed to sound like [via Medium]

Goth Screenshots

A project which first came to my attention through following Sougwen on Instagram, is her Goth Screenshots collection (via Tumblr.) The premise, takes common error messages and computer dialog warnings, presenting them in a goth context.

Sougwen’s work might be most familiar to readers of this site through her involvement with Sepalcure, Shigeto, and The New Yorker, where she has displayed her uniquely identifiable style founded in intricate yet seemingly organic shapes, with a strong emphasis on texture and contrast.

For full information about Sougwen, her projects, and a more complete portfolio of past work please visit her website Click to view the rest of the Goth Screenshots Tumblr

Write & Exact – All About Moleskine

Life + Times provides a short Q+A with Moleskine US President Marco Beghin

Moleskine NotebookPlaying completely into the hands of SWPL on this one, I was linked a great Q+A from the president of Moleskine US giving a brief insight into the company behind everybody’s favorite notebooks.

Everything is very high quality, for instance each notebook is inspected for 30 minutes for quality control, and I think when people hold one they recognize this quality.[*]

I am not one to pass judgement, as I often pretend to be a writer, I own a number of them myself, in various sizes, for various projects. I even went so far as to try the Moleskine iOS app once. Maybe one of the worst apps I’ve ever used, poorly designed and let’s be honest — there are times when it’s just faster to pen + paper it.

So yes, I am a fan however, probably not as bad as these guys.

WRITE AND EXACT [via Life + Times]

Color Judgement Test

See how well you judge colors in a game from Method of Action, a site aiming to teach the fundamentals of good design to programmers

Color Game (Method of Action)Method of Action is an upcoming website promising “Design For Programmers.” A concept I am familiar with; having an understanding of technology but no background in design.

Often this makes it difficult to develop good design on my own simply because I have no fundamental knowledge of the underlying concepts. Admittedly, this site’s design is not unique — I aim to focus on content, and only essential ‘bells-and-whistles’ that benefit the site’s usability.

Have some fun and check out some of the games on the company’s website as they prepare for launch, they offer three examples to teach about Kerning, Text Shape/Bézier, and Color.

FYI: I scored 3.8 based on the following scoring break-down:
Hue: 8, Saturation: 7, Complementary: 4, Analogous: 0, Ternary: 2, Quaternary: 2

ABV Agency Profiles Terminal West

Insights by designer Greg Mike offering a contrast to the misinformation regarding Terminal West at King Plow’s brand identity originally offered by Christina Lee in her Creative Loafing coverage of the venue’s launch.

Terminal West

ABV Atlanta, the home base of Atlanta artist Greg Mike recently posted to their agency blog about their collaborative effort in developing the brand identity of Terminal West.

The insights by Greg Mike offer a valuable contrast to the misinformation offered by Christina Lee in her Creative Loafing coverage of the venue’s launch.

Browse over to ABV Atlanta’s site and enjoy an insightful introduction to Terminal West at King Plow, enjoy the photo gallery and a video showcasing a centerpiece of the venue’s art exhibit in a clear nod to the venue’s original conceptualization in King Plow’s main art gallery.

Agency: Terminal West at King Plow [via ABV Atlanta]