Twelve Days of Christmas (Post-It® Edition)

One of the cooler home projects I’ve seen in a while coming from the Mind of Magnus, posted to his Twitter and Instagram feeds. Magnus put together a short sketch/cut-out on a Post-It® note celebrating the gifts outlined in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ Some truly impressive work here

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A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPad

Developer Loud Crow Interactive has created this adaptation of the timeless “A Charlie Brown Christmas” special in an iPad friendly format. Impressed with conventional books on the iPad, and the well accepted quality of iPad video, I’ll definitely pick this up for myself. Say what you will about Christmas hype – I’ll always love watching this, and the animated Frosty The Snowman Christmas special.

A short bump promoting the app is below

Purchase Charlie Brown Christmas (via iTunes App Store)
…also for Android, lol.

Free Downloads for XMAS

A ton of awesome music being given out in celebration of the Christmas holiday. I’ve done my best to link as much of it as I can recall below and will do what I can to update this as more become available. Thanks to all the esteemed producers who made these available.

Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!

Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
Skream – The Freeizm Album
Silkie – The Night Before
Terror Danjah – Hard Drive : The Compilation
Grime Collection courtesy of GrimeSpree
Joe Nice – Christmas Collection
Zed Bias – Lost DATs Archive
Truth – Perfect Combination
Arktrix – Enigma
Jack Sparrow – Christmas Dubs
Low Limit – Christmass & Tittes (DJ Assault v. Tchaikovsky)
Inferno – Winter Promo 2010 (Mix)
Falty DL – And I Really Know…
LHF – Keepers of the Light Vol. 3 (Mix)
Peverelist – Mix for the Wintervall Traveller (Mix)
Sines – Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Von D Remix)
Rival – Funky House (Royal-T Remix)
Ganji Killah – Man A Madman
Hackman & Jamie Grind – Saw The Light (Mistamen Remix)