Jay Carney's Non-Answers

Yahoo! compiles an interactive list of 9,486 of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s deflecting of questions

Jay CarneyGiving his personal contribution to “the most transparent administration in our history,” White House press secretary Jay Carney has made evading questions en vogue again. Credit to Yahoo! for compiling the interactive list below of Carney’s most widely used deflections in press briefings.

A mere 9,486 evaded questions in 444 press meetings (that’s 21 unanswered questions on average for those keeping score)





Obama’s Twitter Mobilization Nets -40k Followers

I felt compelled to share this multiple friends have dubbed me ‘The Twitter Police’ for my affinity in pointing out people’s sometimes obnoxious retweeting or spammy habits on the social networking site. Here is some empirical evidence to prove I am not ranting for no reason, at least not on this extremely trivial issue.

In an effort to mobilize Twitter users to call for #compromise in the Debt Ceiling debate, the @BarackObama account let out a barrage of tweets listing Republican registered Congressional representatives with Twitter accounts that the US populace should encourage to reach a compromise.

Of course, for two houses of government x 50 states x 140-character limit means, a lot of tweeting. It is estimated that the @BarackObama account lost about 40,000 followers during that time-frame. Yes, I’m sure some of them are following again too, I can concede that. Hilariously, it also served as a presidential #followfriday as many Republican representatives thanked the White House for new followers.

via SFExaminer

I am not here to suggest that Twitter followers is a solid metric for Presidential approval, instead — with a large sample size, the effects of spamming become much easier to measure.

For all of you expecting me to leverage this to explain anything beyond something as irrelevant as a Twitter follower account, nice try…but at least they didn’t rickroll us again

Editor’s Note: Any ‘promoters’ reading this site, sending out a ton of Facebook Event Invites and posting it to your wall every four hours probably doesn’t work well either.

Wannabe Veeps

If you had told me a week and a half ago that I would have nothing to say about the presidential debate at Ole Miss and would end up writing a semi-political post to my blog about the Vice Presidential selection I would have been disappointed and probably wouldn’t have believed you. However, before we begin with the meat of this discussion let me first give the caveat that I have absolutely no stake in these debates, or arguably the election as a whole; for the first time in my voting life, I am not a supporter of either of the two major candidates for office. The state of things both internally and externally have formed what most people would refer to as “Libertarian” mindset,  however I’m reluctant to label myself as such. This election I am supporting Ron Paul, and unfortunately that seems like nothing more than an idealistic vote at this point — however, I digress…..

Ok, let me be the first to admit I haven’t been following up on these VP candidates nearly as much as I should, the most I knew about Sarah Palin coming into tonight was she made for some pretty awesome memes online, and apparently made SNL culturally relevant for the first time in seven years. Biden I was totally in the dark about as well. After watching the debate, a few things became clear, however, I don’t think they were the “selling-points” either side was really looking for. With that being said, I have a complete understanding now of why McCain has chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. Love her or hate her she’s profoundly charismatic, and has the same allure that W had over Kerry in the previous election. Say what you will about W but the fact of the matter is W is more of an “average Joe” you would run into at the local bar on a slow Friday night and get into casual conversation with. You may not necessarily agree with the guy but, you connect with him on a social level. Palin is able to accomplish this through her use of conversational English over strict eloquence during the debate. Unfortunately, for the GOP this time, it’s going to take more than a down-to-earth personality to shake up the Obama hype-train. Unfortunately, where she stands on issues, I have no freaking clue — anytime she began to try and speak at any great length about anything it turned into some long diatribe about who knows what. Listening to Sarah Palin reminded me of my days in college; a somewhat attractive female speaking very quickly and using a lot of words, but even after a couple minutes I haven’t really picked up anything of substance.

Biden I am not too sure of, first off, he doesn’t know what Article I of the Constitution of the United States provisions, this may seem like a minor detail but if you are going to use this as a debate point, make sure you are using it correctly. When asked about Clean Coal, he pointed the finger at our one trillion dollar lender for the horrors of global warming. Now might be a good time to point out that the United States hasn’t never accepted the terms of the Kyoto Protocol — who are we to go around pointing the finger? Biden also seemed to want to contradict his own running-mate quite a bit, to the point where I wondered if they have ever gotten together to discuss their stance on policy. Barack Obama said he would sit down with Ahmadinejad, Biden claims otherwise, which is disappointing considering Barack Obama’s own site has an entire page dedicated to explaining Obama’s stance on this issue. And as far as small-businesses and small-business owners going unaffected by a tax increase at the $250k mark, that just doesn’t seem to add up to me.

This debate, for better or worse was not the train-wreck everybody expected Sarah Palin to fall into, and to be quite honest, there were times I felt her approach to the debate had Biden appearing to be on the defensive, whether or not it will have any measurable effect, or has one measurable enough to cause any real change is a whole other story. Either way, that 90 minutes pretty much solidified it in my head, I’m not voting for either of those two people to be in the White House next year.

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