Moogfest 2012 Recap

Moogfest 2012 recap featuring downloads performances by Andy Stott, Ana Sia, Richie Hawtin, Disclosure, and Morton Subotnick, photos, and editorial

Moog Music Inc. (Media Room)After having to miss last years Moogfest due to some logistical confusion, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the trip this year to catch Day 1 of the annual Asheville, NC music festival, as well as catching a glimpse of the Moog Music Inc. factory before heading back to Atlanta.

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Update: NPR Music has made a number of performances from Moogfest 2012 available for download, be sure to check their recordings of Andy Stott, Ana Sia, Disclosure, Richie Hawtin, and Morton Subotnick

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Deepchord presents Echospace

Deepchord presents Echospace: new LP on Modern Love:

June 21 sees the release of Liumin, a brand new album by Deepchord presents Echospace.
Echospace is a collaboration between Chicago and Detroit producers Rod Modell and Steve Hitchell. Operating unswervingly in the field of washed-out dub-techno, the duo often suffer by comparison with their forebears Basic Channel, which is a little harsh given that their best records – most notably 2007’s The Coldest Season LP – sound bugger-all like Von Oswald and Ernestus and are pretty ravishing listens to boot. Though both Modell and Hitchell have released several records independently over the past couple of years, Liumin is their formal follow-up to The Coldest Season, and it too finds its home on Manchester’s Modern Love label (home to Claro Intelecto, Pendle Coven, Andy Stott and others).

Modern Love describes the new album as sounding more “destroyed” than its predecessor, by turns “oppressive and soothing”. The nine-track album is accompanied by a bonus CD including 80 minutes of field recordings made in Japan by Rod Modell. If you’re after a truly immersive techno listening exprience, then Liumin is for you.