Emptyset – Material (SUB007)

Emptyset – Material 12″ released on Subtext, reviewed with previews, download, and purchase information

Awesome stuff on the vein of ambient/drone/post-dub, whatever adjective we are using for really sparse techno records this week coming from Emptyset, the duo of Paul Purgas and James Ginzburg (Ginz).

Expounding on 2012’s Medium, Material is a collection of sparse Loefah-esque growls captured as the duo bombarded cavernous locations with immense soundsystems and recorded the ensuing reflections.

Full preview below

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WOW – The Sine Wave Album

An interesting project, continuing Cage’s foundational relationships between environment and otherwise, on performance pieces. The group at Create Digital Music highlighted “WOW,” citing it as the most minimal record ever, during their brief synopsis of the release.

An interesting project, continuing Cage’s foundational relationships between environment and otherwise, on performance pieces. The group at Create Digital Music highlighted “WOW,” citing it as the most minimal record ever, during their brief synopsis of the release.

…a single, ultra-low-frequency pitch (hear it on YouTube below, provided you have some speakers or headphones with enough low-end response). WOW is, then, about where it’s played as much as what it is.

WOW: One Album, One Really Low Sine Wave, Most Minimal Record Ever [via CDM]

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Boxcutter – Early Morning Mix

Barry Lynn, aka “Boxcutter” (Planet Mu) providing an ambient ‘Early Morning Mix’ for the 20 Jazz Funk Greats podcast series available for download

Barry Lynn, aka ‘Boxcutter,’ one of the more underrated names in bass music, and producer behind one of my favorite Planet µ releases ever in Arecibo Message recently compiled a mix of classic ambient selections in a podcast for the 20 Jazz Funk Greats Podcast.

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ASC Ambient Mix for Musik Aus Strom

Tipped off to this one from spending too much time on Twitter, an exciting looking ambient mix from dnb / autonomic pioneer James Clements, “ASC.”

Courtesy of the ‘Musik Aus Strom’ website and radio show which until now I was unfamiliar with – a German based eldoradio student radio station.

Be sure not only to check out the ASC mix below but also an excellent looking mix from the show’s host ‘SMA’ highlighting some excellent selections from the Hessle Audio and HotFlush camps, that garner a lot of attention on this site – two absolute ace track selections here.

Full tracklists for both are located beneath the fold.



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24 Hours of NYC Ambience

Taken from DataVisualization.ch

The center of the graphic is the site Mark and his colleagues investigated. The circular strokes are the times that businesses are open over a 24 hour period. They are color-coded by type (cafe, bar, dance club, park and gym), and the distance from the center shows their real planar distance from the researched site. The length of each stroke represents the time that each business is open daily, on an implied 24-hour clock, with midnight at the top of the circle and noon at the bottom.

High Line Sonar from Mark Edward Campos on Vimeo.

Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Pre-Order)

Additional information became available this week surrounding the forthcoming release from ambient innovator Brian Eno on the highly esteemed WARP Records label. The label, and Eno’s own site provided details regarding the formats available for purchase and the ability to pre-order your copy for the LP which sees US release 2-Nov, and in the UK 15-Nov.

For additional detailed information regarding each of these releases, look below the fold. If anybody wants to go ahead and order me the Collector’s Edition for my birthday next month; thanks in advance.

CD/Ltd Edition preorders available now currently through Bleep

Collectors Edition preorders begin tomorrow 1500 GMT

Digital availability (24bit/16bit/lossy) available day of release.

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