KalioCommerce: Ask Me Anything

Don’t worry, this website is not going to slowly turn into a marketing and eCommerce best-practices guide but felt it appropriate to share this specific event I was fortunate to help host

I  respect eCommerce and email marketing are not the two topics bringing people to this site but wanted to share a Q&A panel discussion I was recently a part of. KalioCommerce recently asked myself and Joy Ugi, the marketing coördinator at WhatCounts to take part as a part of their Ask Me Anything webinar series.

KalioCommerce has shared the highlights of the Q&A as well as a video recap of the webinar on their blog, feel free to click below if interested; Joy and I provided some insights into using customer purchase and behavioral data to drive smarter and more targeted communications to customers and prospects, and how the WhatCounts email platform can integrate into this solution

Don’t worry, this website is not going to slowly turn into a marketing and eCommerce best-practices guide but felt like sharing this specific event I participated in.

eCommerce Marketing Insights: Our “Ask Me Anything” Q&A Highlights

One Night In New Orleans

I return to New Orleans, LA for two days to enjoy a lot of food at Parkway Tavern and Superior Seafood, and enjoy a bit of music

Running a little behind on getting these mini-vacation posts up on to the website but fortunately there is no time limit on these. Two weekends ago I took my first trip back to New Orleans in a decade, marking my first time back since Hurricane Katrina. Similar to every New Orleans trip I have made previously this one was centered around food and music, so… let’s get to the good stuff. Continue reading “One Night In New Orleans”

Download: Butterz Summer Zip

Download Butterz Summer 2012 ZIP pack featuring over 700 megs of free grime music from the legendary UK label helmed by Elijah and Skilliam

Butterz Summer 2012 Zip File

The crew at Butterz label have dropped their Summer 2012 ZIP File of freely downloadable grime tunes. This one weighs in hefty at over 700 megs worth of free tunes from the UK label helmed by Elijah and Skilliam, who’s zip files routinely feature artists such as Royal-T, Terror Danjah, and others.

As always, make sure you sign up for Butterz’ mailing list to ensuring you get these ZIPs on-time and direct!

Finally – be sure to check out the mix of classic R&B tracks on the recent Butterz RinseFM Broadcast hosed by Elijah & Skilliam.

Download the Elijah & Skilliam R&B RinseFM Show (Original Air Date May 7, 2012)
View The Tracklist

Spiritualized in Atlanta [2012]

Photos, setlist, and review of Spiritualized’s performance at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse in support of their recent album ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’

Not too much of a secret that I am a huge fan of Spiritualized, having written about their most recent album, and featuring their first release as a part of Wayback Wednesday.

I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to see them live for the second time in the fifteen or so years I’ve enjoyed their music, which for me is a real treat as Jason Pierce has been a long-time personal favorite of mine and his touring is growing less frequent with age and his increased medical issues.

Trying my best to not watch the show through the 3.5″ screen of my iPhone I did have to take a few moments during the show to get some photographs, as I had secured myself a great viewing spot one person back from he lip of the stage.

View the photo gallery from Spiritualized at the Variety Playhouse

One of the most intense shows I have seen in a while, even this morning waking up much of it remained with me. Very grateful for the opportunity to see them and not have to travel far to do so.

Spiritualized Setlist (to the best of my memory)
May 13, 2012 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA

Hey Jane
Lord Let It Rain On Me
Headin’ for the Top Now
Walkin’ With Jesus
Oh Baby
Rated X
Born Never Asked
Electric Mainline
Soul On Fire
I Am What I Am
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
Stay With Me
She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)
Come Together

So Long You Pretty Thing
Cop Shoot Cop…

TFB Profiles Distal

Atlanta-based dubstep label and blog The Freak Beat speaks with Distal about his upcoming Civilization LP on Tectonic Recordings, as well as his own Embassy Recordings label and more.

New Earth Music HallFilmed following his performance at New Earth Music Hall the other week, The Freak Beat interviews Distal about his upcoming album Civilization.

Keep a look for a short cameo by yours truly during the obligatory brostep section of the interview, clearly a surprising time for me to voice an opinion.

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Appreciation From The Editor

In appreciation for recent support of icnt.mx, I am offering a free download of my two hour live mix opening for Borgore in Atlanta, Nov 2010.

First things first, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to readers of this site old and new. It has been an interesting year for me both on and off this site.

During the beginning of the year I was unable to focus full attention to the site, however I cannot thank people enough for allowing to essentially ‘pick up where we left off‘ and continuing to support the site as things has smoothed out a bit recently.

Continue beneath the fold for more gratitude, looking forward for the site, and an exclusive  live dj mix of mine for you to download or stream.

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EVEREMAN Documentary

Atlanta street-artist EVEREMAN, emphasizing the value of collaboration, and underground art’s role in the identification of Atlanta and other cities

Evereman LogoA well-timed post from Catlanta today; a 5 minute documentary on Atlanta street-artist EVEREMAN whose iconic wood stencils have been a part of Atlanta street art for as long as I can remember.

In the video EVEREMAN shares thoughts emphasizing the value of collaboration, and the role underground street-art plays into the city’s cultural identification.

A wonderful companion article to the ABV Gallery / Terminal West article shared last week, putting the spotlight on Atlanta’s growing street-art community.

Learn more about Atlanta street art by visiting some of the artists below:

EVEREMAN [ Blog | Facebook | Twitter ]
Catlanta [ Facebook | Twitter ]
ABV Gallery

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Criticism, Praise, and Artistic Distance

Views, and gratitude regarding criticism, from a critic, upon reading A List Apart’s writings on Artistic Distance

Far too often, honesty is met with ridicule, shame, or outright rage from people hiding behind electronic media. As a community, if our goal is to continue raising the bar for design, we need to get to a place where objective discussion is welcomed, not scorned or drowned in obsequiousness.

An excellent read from A List Apart on the importance of criticism by exploring the concept of artistic distance, the necessary ability for all artists  achieving detachment from the creative process and ultimately the products of their creation. I have brought similar concepts before in a post on objectivity and criticism, and was excited to read something new covering familiar concepts.

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2011 In Photos

With plenty traveling and stories in 2011, I compiled some memorable photos taken on my iPhone shared in Instagram

I joined Instagram a little over a year ago, say what you will about the filters but as a platform for sharing photos with friends and quickly posting them to the social network du jour it’s wonderful. The power of the camera in the iPhone 4 family is pretty astounding given it’s size, there was a time I’d at least carry a point-and-shoot everywhere I went just in case but I’m glad that I can get the same quality of photos my Canon SD800 gave me in something I carry in my pocket anyway.

With a lot of traveling and stories this year I felt it would be good to take a look at my feed from the past year, and pull out a few favorites and compile a short gallery of photos showing some highlights.

Click below to see the complete collection, and if you’re on Instagram – feel free to add me @shrtstck

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Video : Distal @ Bass Church

After a heinous 7 hr drive to Charlotte, NC (typically 4 hr maximum) Distal and I finally arrived at The Fillmore for an interesting night at Bass Church hosted by Mindelixir.

I stitched together some clips of the evening in the video linked on Vimeo below, with clips of Distal’s ‘Angry Acid’ and ‘French Science’ both forthcoming on Tectonic as well as a deep collab cut from Commodo and Lurka

Hurry up and wait seems to be the theme around here lately. I have a number of updates for the website pending but have been busy the past few weeks both in and outside of Atlanta. After a heinous 7 hr drive to Charlotte, NC (typically 4 hr maximum) Distal and I finally arrived at The Fillmore for an interesting night at Bass Church hosted by Mindelixir.

I stitched together some clips of the evening in the video linked on Vimeo below, with clips of Distal’s Angry Acid‘ and ‘French Science both forthcoming on Tectonic as well as a deep collab cut from Commodo and Lurka

Thanks to all our Charlotte crew, HeyWhoreHey, KT Caustic, Buckmaster, BLNGxBDGT and everybody else who helped make it a huge night for us visiting.

Distal – Live at Bass Church from Owen / shrtstck on Vimeo.

Remembering Jack Kevorkian

"Dying Is Not A Crime" -J. Kevorkian

Today sees the passing of one of modern history’s great champion for personal freedom and human rights, Jack Kevorkian. I understand my politics at times are difficult for some to understand but hear me out before you dismiss this post based on what is not really a controversial statement at all.

Known to many as ‘Doctor Death’ for his public endorsement and practice of voluntary euthanasia. Much attention is paid in the United States in the handling of abortion issues, and how it pertains to government regulation over the physical bodies of its citizens.

The Supreme Court of the United States issued the following opinion in it’s 1992 case Planned Parenthood v. Casey citing the Fourteenth Amendment:

“If the right of privacy means anything, it is the right of the individual, married or single, to be free from unwarranted governmental intrusion into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision whether to bear or beget a child.”

I, for one, do not see any fundamental distinctions between freedom to choose what is best for someone’s own body as it pertains to abortion, euthanasia, getting a piercing or tattoo, or even wearing a hijab. These issues are not within the scope of the powers given by the people to our government. Understandably, euthanasia, abortion, or any of these are not one-size-fits-all solutions but no founding father would have willingly waived these decisions to an appointed authority. Additionally, with the freedom over healthcare becoming a keystone issue in US Politics in recent years, it seems counter-intuitive that we should continue to support selective freedom in selecting healthcare options.

Rest In Peace to a misunderstood man who was not afraid to take a controversial stand and surrender his freedom hoping to expand individual rights.