That Time Jezebel Supported Domestic Violence

…And lastly, one Jez punched a steady in the face and broke his glasses. He had discovered a sex story she was writing about another dude on her laptop, so he picked it up and threw it. And that’s when she socked him. He was, uh, totally asking for it.

I know everybody says things that get taken out of context from time to time, I’m probably at the top of that list admittedly. I am not Jezebel or Gawker Media however, using their audience and platform to perpetuate this behavior is weak. Most astounded however that they literally used “totally asking for it” for an excuse, since that one is the crux of #IWontStandForIt’s more recent anti domestic violence rhetoric

Nobody deserves it, ever, so don’t even use that jokingly.

For the record, strongly suggest avoiding the comments if you decide to click through…

Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have [via Jezebel]


We’re Gonna Bro Out So Hard

Arriving at the nexus of startup culture and summer festival season, the NY Times covers this mess from WeWork

When Startup Culture + Festival Culture Collide

At one point this website reported a lot about music, which means readers here are no stranger to some of the worse “festivals.” Suffice it to say I was surprised upon reading NY Times coverage of WeWork’s Summer Camp and being presented with some of the more surprisingly insufferable forms of humanity.

It may sound as if I am being harsh however if the above photo does not set the stage properly for this gathering of networking, synergy, and whatever other bespoke bullshit is going on here, enjoy a few of the passages below; a scene that far exceeds anything I have experienced at Phish, Bonnaroo, Vegoose, and anything I’ve tried to avoid by not attending Gathering of the JuggalosUltra, Burning Man, or EDC. 

While the quotes below are entertaining, you are best served gaining the full experience reading the complete NY Times article.

Camping Out With the Office – WeWork Goes to Summer Camp [via NY Times]

“It felt so much more organic than going to a conference,” he said. “I shared something with this guy that went beyond business networking. Now I feel like I know him on a personal level because we did some back flips and shared some beers.”

After sunset, Michael Franti & Spearhead played songs about unity, and two women in shorts kissed as men around them cheered. A woman dressed as a taco twerked with a man dressed as Sailor Moon.

Fist Bump For Health

It’s official, the fist-bump is more hygienic than the traditional hand-shake. Not terribly surprising; this seems to be the official greeting of everybody in food-service for obvious reasons. The only unfortunate side effect here is bros are apparently healthier than people who behave like professionals.

The pair tested three different greetings and assessed the amount of germs transferred from each contact. They found that a high dose of bugs were passed on during a handshake. This was reduced by over half in the high-five, and germ transfer was a whopping 90% lower when bumping fists. The fist-bumping researchers also looked at grip strength and found that a stronger handshake increased the amount of bacteria shared.[*]

A Fine Obituary

Walter George Bruhl Jr., DuPont Co. retiree
Walter George Bruhl Jr., DuPont Co. retiree

Walter George Bruhl Jr of Newark and Dewey Beach came strong with his obituary. I have pasted a few snippets below, but be sure to read the whole thing.

There will be no viewing since his wife refuses to honor his request to have him standing in the corner of the room with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand so he would appear natural to visitors.

Cremation will take place at the family’s convenience, and his ashes will be kept in an urn until they get tired of having it around. What’s a Grecian Urn? Oh, about 200 drachmas a week.

Connecting Wealth and Musical Ability

The Guardian shares research showing the connection between wealth, neighborhood, and measurable musical talent.

The Guardian recently posted an article detailing the connections between British postal codes and musical ability. Everybody slow down, Bow E3 is a ‘hype ting’ but there is empirical data and some interesting takeaways. Clearly there are exception to every rule but on this site we are lovers on both music and data and statistics so this seemed in the vein of our typical reporting.

Interestingly, it was the categories that seemed more objective such as ‘melodic memory’ and ‘beat perception’ that showed the strongest statistical correlation with wealth.

The article on The Guardian contains a table of melodic memory as it correlates to geographic region, but the short answer is we need to be hearing grime from Hastings and West Somerset. By the way, yes Hackney did make the top 10 list.

Key Findings

  • People had better “musical sophistication” in periods of their lives with more flexibility, such as at school, university or when they are self-employed.
  • Late adolescence is where a peak stage is reached for sophisticated engagement with music.
  • Gender and ethnicity explained “very little” when it came to musical ability.
  • People working in music, media and education keep their links to music throughout their life.

The Science Behind Selfies

Data-mining the selfie with – extensive analysis and an interactive selfie browser

Enter SelfieCity, a website that takes an analytical view at “selfies” taken from users in Bangkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York, and Sao Paolo. The site uses image recognition and analysis to analyze tilt, angle, mood, and all the other things that make the selfie what it is.

This is data-mining and vanity together, at its finest – as well as an interesting use of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform.

Get down to the details by seeing the complete analysis and reading some full-length reports on SelfieCity, but most exciting is the interactive selfie browser Selfiexploratory.

Women’s selfies show more expressive poses; for instance, the average amount of head tilt is 150% higher than for men: (12.3° vs. 8.2°). Sao Paulo is most extreme – there, the average head tilt for females is 16.9°

Science Suggests Better To Be Right Than Happy

I could have told you this a long time ago however, science has proven it is better to be right than to be happy. Ignorance is bliss? Think again.

As part of an unusual experiment, the husband was instructed to “agree with his wife’s every opinion and request without complaint,” and to continue doing so “even if he believed the female participant was wrong,” according to a report on the research that was published Tuesday by the British Medical Journal.

Over the 12 days of the experiment, the husband’s quality of life plummeted from a baseline score of 7 all the way down to 3. The wife started out at 8 and rose to 8.5 by Day 6. She had no desire to share her quality of life with the researchers on Day 12, according to the report.

Not too terribly surprising considering cognitive dissonance tends to make you upset when you have to mentally reconcile being incorrect.