Dining Out: Lusca

Lusca, a brief look at Angus Brown’s new Brookwood Hills restaurant, expounding on the style and successes from Octopus Bar

Saturday evening I finally made it to Luscathe new restaurant by Angus Brown of Miller Union and Octopus Bar fame.

Full disclosure, I have known Angus since pre-school so I will be the first to admit this is not going to be an in depth or exceptionally objective think-piece about a new Atlanta destination. Instead, below you can enjoy photos and descriptions of the dishes we tried (which speak for themselves honestly)

Washburn Oysters (MA) [Lusca | Atlanta]
Washburn Oysters (MA)
Fried Anchovies / Fennel / Lemon [Lusca | Atlanta]
Fried Anchovies / Fennel / Lemon
Trout Roe, Espelette Pepper, Raw Honey, Creme Fraiche [Lusca | Atlanta]
Trout Roe, Espelette Pepper, Raw Honey, Creme Fraiche
Charcuterie Board  [Lusca | Atlanta]
Charcuterie Board
Hand Cut Pappardelle, Fava, Green Garlic, Tomato, Oyster Mushroom [Lusca | Atlanta]
Hand Cut Pappardelle, Fava, Green Garlic, Tomato, Oyster Mushroom
Monterey Squid, Torn Potato, Calabrian Chili, Garlic [Lusca | Atlanta]
Monterey Squid, Torn Potato, Calabrian Chili, Garlic
Nigiri [Lusca | Atlanta]
Rock Crab, Avocado, Pain Au Levain, Key Lime, Scallion [Lusca | Atlanta]
Rock Crab, Avocado, Pain Au Levain, Key Lime, Scallion
Peach Baklava [Lusca | Atlanta]
Peach Baklava

Atlanta Eases Food Truck Restrictions

Atlanta City Council votes to allow food trucks to operate on certain public streets in Atlanta’s Government District

Although the new legislation limits itself to the area surrounding Downtown Atlanta, the state capitol building, and Atlanta City Hall, the city began easing restrictions that formerly only allowed food trucks to operate on private property and not on public city streets.

Read the full write up on Atlanta Magazine

Science Upholds 5-Second Rule

Scientific research upholds if you pick up dropped food quickly, you’re more likely to be safe from harmful bacteria

Of course I never cook, I only go eat at other restaurants (not entirely true, but mostly) however I am taking note of research from Aston University and their School of Life and Health Sciences.

Also surprising from the research, although this ‘rule’ is entirely anecdotal, the research found 87% of people surveyed said they would eat food dropped on the floor, or already have done so.

DC: Dining, and Disco

Jaleo, Shake Shack, Nando’s, Scuba, U Street Music Hall – my brief attempt at a solo vacation

After a busy week following my return from Washington, DC I finally had the time to put together this post, highlighting some finer points of the day trip – including dinner at José Andrés Jaleo

What started ostensibly as a trip to reconnect with Kozee and see Scuba DJ at U Street Music Hall, spiraled into a hedonistic food exploration as bad weather and a series of events led me to making the trip solo.

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One Night In New Orleans

I return to New Orleans, LA for two days to enjoy a lot of food at Parkway Tavern and Superior Seafood, and enjoy a bit of music

Running a little behind on getting these mini-vacation posts up on to the website but fortunately there is no time limit on these. Two weekends ago I took my first trip back to New Orleans in a decade, marking my first time back since Hurricane Katrina. Similar to every New Orleans trip I have made previously this one was centered around food and music, so… let’s get to the good stuff. Continue reading “One Night In New Orleans”

Dry Rib – The Greater Good

Dry ribs at The Greater Good BBQ in Atlanta, GA

Ended up here for lunch, realizing after the fact that this is the same BBQ restaurant that catered my office’s Christmas party last week. Having already sampled their pork and chicken,  I decided to give the dry rib a try (w/ Texas Toast + Fries).

The Greater Good BBQ
441 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Pho War (2013 Edition)

Get ready for the cooler weather as Chow Down Atlanta guides you through some favorite pho destinations in Atlanta

The weather is changing and soup weather is upon us. Granted I tend to go to Umaido even when the temperature is in the 90s, now that it is beginning to feel like fall with only two months left in the year, everybody is going to be pho this and pho that until mid-Spring. Thankfully Chow Down Atlanta has done the dirty work and given a rundown of around a dozen or so options in the metro-Atlanta area.

TL;DR – Pho Da Loi, with locations in Forest Park, BuHi, and L’ville, took the #1 spot

When Eater.Com Asked Me What's Wrong

Eater.com is basically food.tmz.com – let me explain…

In case you missed it, Eater Atlanta is accusing Yum Bunz of serving frozen pre-made bao. My objection here is not towards Yum Bunz, but instead why a website that considers itself a reputable force in the “restaurant blogging community” (N.B. I just cringed typing that) considers this a news-worth topic. Not to the surprise of anybody reading this, I took the opportunity to let Eater Atlanta know they are finding stories where there are none in a shameless ploy to generate more hits. (i.e. generate ad impressions on their website)

After they started favoriting my tweets but refusing to respond, I turned the screws a bit and was invited by Eater.com to email in my concerns. I have emailed them a copy of this URL because, quite simply, they published their story online, and they want to feign journalistic integrity. In light of both these facts it seemed unfair to take the conversation offline. I stand behind what I publish, otherwise I wouldn’t bother putting it in a public forum. You don’t get to start the discussion in public then take all conversations of it offline when the tenor doesn’t suit you. Sorry, but you’re not getting off the hook that easy.

So without further introduction, I give you my long-awaited treatise against Eater.


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Dining Out: South City Kitchen

After having visited South City Kitchen only once before, my visit last Sunday did mark the first time I had an opportunity to try the dinner menu. [Selections: Smoked pork belly w/ collard green kimchi, toasted benne seed, orange-Tupelo honey, she-crab soup, and lobster mac-and-cheese]

After having visited South City Kitchen only once before, my visit last Sunday did mark the first time I had an opportunity to try the dinner menu.
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