Tobias – A Series of Shocks Review Exegesis

A review of Resident Advisor’s review of Tobias – A Series of Shocks on Ostgut Ton

Starting a new series here on, an exegesis of online music reviews.

We kick things off with a Resident Advisor review of the new Tobias Freund full length on Ostgut Ton. Definitely not the worst review from RA as of late, Appropriately titled A Series Of Shocks, it seems like the artist was already prepared for the slew of adjectives ready to be lobbed over the fence by myriad bloggers.

A Series of Shocks is rich and spatially ambitious. The low-end (a dark, bubbling mass…

Ok. First off… music reviewers, we can go the rest of our lives without ever reading the word bubbling in reference to music. (Sorry not sorry XLR8R)

Here’s what happens when you search “bubbling” on RA. Tobias, Skrillex, Dauwd, and that’s just the top page. Toil and trouble indeed.


Tony continues the above sentence with:

…compresses your chest with physical force.



The conclusion of the review:

The foregrounding of twinkly, arpeggiated synth lines is…

…this is where I leave this journey, not just because writers describing arpeggios is like having teeth pulled, but the run-on sentence that continues is more difficult to grasp than why I am subjected to yet another Tangerine Dream comparison

Overall, a solid effort from Resident Advisor – Tony Naylor picked up the slack nicely on this one. Bubbling, compression, and Tangerine Dream references are a bit overdone lately, but definitely a review work checking out, a solid 3/5 – 2 points docked for reminding us he worked with Milli Vanilli, 3 points for going the entire review without a Freund / Freud joke.

Read the complete review of Tobias – A Series of Shocks by Tony Naylor on Resident Advisor

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