Downliners Sekt – Silent Ascent

Review of Downliners Sekt 2014 album ‘Silent Ascent’

If I compare LHF to Downliners Sekt it’s that both represent a collaborative of musicians tastefully able to downplay their personal roles without resorting to masks or unpronounceable and otherwise unidentifiable monikers. More importantly, both maintain cohesion and an obvious attention to detail in their infrequent but typically exceptional releases.

We are obsessive people to say the least, and obsession is not easily shared – nor is it often appreciated. Creating music has always been vital for us. We craft, arrange and sculpt it endlessly until we’re satisfied. Expectations are always high, and the most challenging part is to keep it alive and genuine all the way.

The latest from Downliners Sekt, titled Silent Ascent is their third full-length release and easily stands up to all the high expectations many have come set for the Barcelona-based duo.

Trusting nobody came to read hastily thrown together adjectives relating my personal listening experience, it’s fair to at least point out across the hour long 12 track release, I did not fast forward any parts and never experienced ‘album burnout‘ typical of recent electronic-centric full lengths.

Silent Ascent is due out April 7 on InFiné, support from the DJs and blogs that give your opinions validation, for fans of obscure releases that only you understand and know how to enjoy.