The Greatest Music Reviews Ever

Sarah, wife of On The Media cohost Alex Goldman and decidedly NOT a music critic, dedicates a tumblr to reviewing albums in her husband’s vinyl collection.

God bless hipsters, tumblr, and sarcasm. Alex Goldman, co-host of On The Media is allegedly quite the vinyl connoisseur, and understandably his wife couldn’t care less. To show her lack of exuberance for his hard work collecting music, she has started reviewing each album in his collection, going from A-Z.

We are up to Louis Armstrong‘s Louie and the Dukes of Dixieland, but have already visited The Animals and Anthrax.

My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection

The second song is called “House of the Rising Sun”, and I totally know this song! I don’t think I ever pictured 5 babyfaced white dudes playing it before now though…Okay, I take back it being slow once you get to the intense organ solo. That part kind of makes you want to learn how to play the organ. This is a pretty good song, I get why it’s so famous. The Animals did not write it. In fact, they barely wrote any songs on this album and the ones they did write aren’t that good