Jack Sparrow Speaks

Jack Sparrow (Author / R. Wild) shares some valuable insights with GetDarker in this recent interview

Some good words from Jack Sparrow / R Wild / 1/2 of Author, one of my favorite producers. One of the more well-spoken, and friendlier artists I’ve interacted with as a result of working on this site. Also, he comes correct with the book recommendations so much respect for him in that regard too.

It’s a therapy for me. It literally is therapy. If I didn’t do music there are parts of me that I couldn’t get out; in conversation, emotionally. It’s not a case of “I’m gonna do this tune and this promo and rah rah rah.” I write tunes because I need to.

Excellent anecdotes and observations on the early dubstep scene, his emergence as an artist, and ironically some allusions to the topics brought up in the musical ability vs neighborhoods of UK post from yesterday.

GetDarker Meets Jack Sparrow