Zappa Trust Opens Roxy Recordings and Licensing

To raise money for the release of the video portions of the 1974 Roxy & Elsewhere anthology, the Zappa Family Trust opens licensing to two 1973 recordings

Even dead, Frank Zappa continues to push the boundaries of music marketing and sales, making the master recordings of two 1973 Roxy recordings available for purchase and even opening up the licensing of the recordings to allow for mass duplication and reselling.

For a $1,000 licensing fee, fans can own a master duplication copy of the recording, which they can copy and sell for whatever price they’d like, with $1.20 per-CD mechanical royalty to be paid to Zappa Records.

The proceeds from licensing these recordings will go towards the restoration and release of the video portion of Roxy & Elsewhere, which has been a long time coming for Zappa fans.

Frank Zappa Fans Offered Unique Access To Unreleased Music [via Rolling Stone]