Page McConnell on The Art of Improvisation

Page McConnellFollowing an earlier post, continuing on the theme of the improvisational prowess that is Phish, I noticed  that the Phish.Net blog has revisited  the posting of keyboardist Page McConnell’s college thesis ‘The Art of Improvisation.’ Originally submitted upon completion of his undergraduate studies for Goddard College, the thesis was first presented publicly in 1992 via a fan-maintained ListServ. Marking the 24-Yr Anniversary of it’s submission it has been reposted it to the Phish.Net website.

Click to read the full text, which is not a terribly long read [via Phish.Net]

Economy is a trait I admire in my influences. Bill Evans, probably my most important jazz piano influence, plays an entirely different style than Basie yet he incorporates economy: “He has worked unceasingly to arrive at a clearer, less cluttered jazz conception, one with no false starts, no side issues, no merely showy licks.

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