Scientist / Tectonic – Dubstep Into Outer Space Announced

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Fact Magazine revealed the tracklisting for Tectonic‘s upcoming collaborative project with dub reggae pioneer Scientist. As I stated on Twitter earlier today, without having discovered the sounds of King Tubby and Scientist I likely would not be listening to or djing dubstep at all. The influence of dub reggae’s aesthetics is prevalent among any honest dubstep releases. It is clear to understand why Pinch regards this release as a seminal moment in the history of Tectonic; it is clearly an important moment for modern bass music in general. Can’t wait to have a copy of Ill Kontent and City Cycle available for personal listening and playing out finally, and obviously can’t wait to hear how Scientist has reworked these tunes.

Disc one: Scientist Mixes
1. Pinch ft Emika – ‘2012 Dub’
2. Armour (Roly Vex’d) – ‘The Long Way Dub’
3. Guido – ‘Korg Back Dub’
4. Shackleton – ‘Hackney Marshes Dub’
5. King Midas Sound – ‘U Dub’
6. Loefah & SGT Pokes – ‘Dog Money Dub’
7. Distance – ‘Ill Kontent Dub’
8. RSD – ‘After All Dub’
9. Jack Sparrow – ‘Red Sand Dub’
10. Mala (Digital Mystikz) – ‘City Cycle Dub’
11. Cyrus (Random Trio) – ‘Footsteps Dub’
12. Kode 9 & Spaceape – ‘Abeng Dub’

Disc two: Dubstep Originals
1. Pinch ft Emika – ‘2012’
2. Armour (Roly Vex’d) – ‘The Long Way’
3. Guido – ‘Korg Back’
4. Shackleton – ‘Hackney Marshes’
5. King Midas Sound – ‘U’
6. Loefah & SGT Pokes – ‘Dog Money’
7. Distance – ‘Ill Kontent’
8. RSD – ‘After All’
9. Jack Sparrow – ‘Red Sand’
10. Mala (Digital Mystikz) – ‘City Cycle’
11. Cyrus (Random Trio) – ‘Footsteps’

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