Grievous Angel: Blogariddims21 – Fusion Dub A mix of Miles Davis

Miles DavisGrievous Angel presents Blogariddims 21: Fusion Dub. A mix of Miles Davis-inspired jazz, funk and soul, in dub

The date on this post on the Grievous Angel blog is dated April 2007, so it suffices to say that I’m way behind the times on this one and not entirely sure how I missed it in the first place.



00:00: Miles Davis: Bitches Brew intro
00:59: Miles Davis: Agharta Prelude Dub
05:06: Miles Davis: Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (Edit)
12:19: Parliament: Dr Funkenstein (Live) (Edit)
19:10: Miles Davis: What If
22:44: Curtis Mayfield: Stone Junkie (Live)
28:28: Miles Davis: Billy Preston
33:51: Headhunters: God Made Me Funky (Edit)
39:21: Miles Davis: Black Satin
43:14: Miles Davis: Bitches Brew (Edit)
46:59: Miles Davis: In A Silent Way / Shhh Peaceful (Bill Laswell Dub)
54:49: Curtis Mayfield: I Plan To Stay a Believer (Live)
57:30: Miles Davis: It’s About That Time

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