What Happened With rightClique?

First off, my sincerest apologies to anybody who has been a long time supporter of rightClique, either by being a part of our events we did in Atlanta, or through supporting us by reading the website we maintained over at rClique.org. It was a fun time, I learned a lot about myself, collaborating with other people, and grew monumentally as a performing artist gaining a valuable amount of insight through the experiences of playing and hosting events.

Unfortunately, as the adage says, all good things must come to an end, and so is the case with the rightClique blog. Due to some internal conflict that came about as a result of one individuals theft of operating capital, DMCA violations on our website, and lack of communication with other board members, we felt we needed to separate ourselves professionally and artistically from the artist ‘Merkatroid’ aka DANCEFORMERS. As a result of his actions, we removed his access from our WordPress hosted blog, as well as a number of shared accounts on social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook.


Upon his observation of these changes, he made it clear to the rightClique readership that he was no longer affiliated with our group, offered his website as a location to keep in touch with his artistic endeavors. We wished him the best, and kept the comments active on our sites in order to ensure traffic intended for him would be routed appropriately. We did then, and still do continue to wish him success in this path.

Unfortunately, his separation from rightClique did not last long; within 48 hours of this message being made available online, the domain rClique.org was forwarded from it’s existing location to Merkatroid’s personal website / blog, where a post outlining his reasoning for discontinuing his relationship with us was outlined at large; citing both professional and personal misunderstandings. We offered repeated attempts to negotiate a solution amicable to all parties involved but were unclear to come to a satisfactory resolution for either party.

As it stands now, with the domain name pointing to another address, no less than 27 individual email accounts are inaccessible, and, by all accounts forwarding to a mailbox within Merkatroid’s personal email hosting solution. This serves as a problem to a number of rightClique individuals who had been using the accounts as their main personal email accounts, and the addresses used on a number of marketing information as well. booking@rclique.org, an account set up to provide single-booking availability for all the members of rightClique is inaccessible to a majority of it’s members; leaving us unable to professionally contact anybody who has expressed interest in our artists. Personal online accounts that rightClique members have assigned to their rClique.org email are unable to be recovered or changed due to the account holder’s inability to access their email accounts.

It has taken us two weeks and a few dozen emails back and forth for us to be given a just a window of opportunity to make any necessary changes under these accounts, and Merkatroid, who in the past few weeks cited his own lack of involvement with rightClique is demanding the dissolution of the website, domain name, and all affiliated projects. I am quite reluctant to accept this as any form of resolution just based on the amount of time, energy, and money I spent on this project; and the notion that anybody would be allowed to continually take, and make demands despite their public announcement that they opt to not be involved.

Do not fret however; the rest of us who were involved in rightClique up to this point are as committed as ever to bringing you cutting edge music, and some exciting events back to Atlanta. rightClique is about more than a logo on a bumper-sticker, or a marginally popular blog. I don’t want to say “we will be back” because the reality is, we have yet to go away.